Equivocally Articulating M’eye Views

by Daniel Rodriguez



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 24/02/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 104
ISBN : 9781546230380

About the Book

This author’s previous published works include Profoundly Speaking M’eye Views and Overtly Revealing M’eye Views. Now Equivocally Articulating M’eye Views, the third book in the series, captures some of the author’s deepest thoughts yet. His uncanny ability to formulate words to describe the subconscience judgements of actions seen through his eyes gives a sense of being present during the ordeal. This book takes journeys through parenthood and relationships, as well as the lows and highs of the world’s social behavior. The author points out the negative conduct of normal human reactions but includes a twist on an alternative method of response. Savor each word and submerge your mind on an adventure to unfold the ambiguous hints within each verse.

About the Author

A suburb, north of Chicago became his hometown after living his first two years in the Bronx of New York. The combination of the two cities filled his memory with witty responses from his family as well as friends. The hidden love of writing would take years to surface. The fork in the road had many branches including his walk with Christ, the many challenges of interracial relations, desegregation, combat, marriage and fatherhood. Sarcastic responses with the manipulation of words have dominated conversations during all stages of his life. The art of listening and his ability to observe exposed the behavior of people in his surroundings. Mental notes of his career as a soldier in the U. S. Army, including two combat tours, provided a window into many parts of the world and added to his knowledge base. While experiencing the variety of cultures which inhabited foreign lands he stumbled upon the commonalities of humans and their reactions to one another’s behavior. Once the author began to purge his thoughts his desire to write was born.