St*r Beings

by Gabriel Mensah



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 07/11/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 150
ISBN : 9781524639655

About the Book

Anu Adajo is one of the thirteen humans that recieved strange powers from outer space that unlocks the brain’s full potential to increase brain power percentage passed the limits through meditation. The government named these thirteen humans “S-Beings” which stands for “Star Beings”. The government was ordered by unknown entities to hunt down the Star Beings and kill them. Ten years has passed since Anu and the twelve other humans got their powers. Anu believed all S-Beings were dead until he met Xun Yogochi, an S-Being and was known as the greatest fighter in all of Asia. Xun is on a mission to unite the last remaining S-Beings to fight against the government. Anu and Xun happen to find the last S-Beings alive which are just two (Una Purette who is a training kickboxer and Opu Odywa who is a sumo wrestler) The four S-Beings eventually unite after conflictions with Opu (who also is an agent sent to kill Xun and capture Anu) The four S-Beings will begin their fight for freedom which leads them down the path to fight against entities far beyond their world.

About the Author

My name is Gabriel Mensah. I am the author and illustrator of the Star Beings-Graphic Novel. I was born and raised in Louisiana living in extreme poverty all my life. I've lost everything after a bad car accident and all I had was my broken Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cell phone with its broken Stylus pen and a extraordinary imagination. I decided to get more in touch with my gifted creative side. I started drawing and writing comics in my cell phone and eventually was successful in creating a graphic novel in my phone which got accepted! It is the greatest achievement that can rise me back to my feet and out the harsh life I live into a career life where I'd love to do forever. I was born with the gift to draw and create. At age three I was a great artist, I can draw anything I see and was a great video gamer at age 3. I won first place at my first art competition at age 12 with all my opponents in their 20s. I'm a gamer and I love anime. My favorite Anime of all time is Bleach. My favorite video game series of all time is the Metal Gear Solid Series. Many of my inspirations came from video games and anime such as Metal Gear Solid series, Final Fantasy series, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z and many more so I hope that everyone enjoys the new imaginations that i bring not only to the animation world, but hopefully the gaming world as well. Thank you for reading. Sincerely, Gabriel