God’s Offspring

by Robert B. Goeringer



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/08/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 322
ISBN : 9781524623814

About the Book

‘Living upon earth has, as well as, shall remain spiritually induced. Over seven years and following My writer’s third and final rebirth, he was revealed how negative energy remains denounced in humanism. Revealing how God within many chosen humans heals any inequity, I have slated the perfected plan of the earth’s calming oceans as well.’ ‘Colossians 4:3 predicts God’s Offspring arrival: chosen humans shall be revealed humanism, Spirits and weather from God’s continuously good perspective rather than human writer’s of religious doctrines.’ ‘The present remains the future and I have slated My wonderful plan: The truth of everything has been revealed for God’s human offspring, learn how you shall remain continuously favored, blessed, as well as, safe through an enlightening spiritual revolution upon blessed earth.

About the Author

Greetings, reader! Your writer has traversed through life as you, having good and bad occurrences. God has chosen the writer to reveal why you behave, feel, and think as you do; why history has occurred well and badly for individuals, encompassing masses globally; and how you may allow wonderful calmness in your heart, mind, and soul or continue overwhelmed as individuals in societies presently remain. From God, wonderful rebirthing occurred in the middle of 2009, answering numerous life questions in the book for you. Many miracles and visions have occurred in life from God through the writer, and he asked the book to be written for you to understand the meaning of life and why we are on earth, loving or otherwise. Humans remain here for one another, understanding throughout history that life’s goodness is from God and otherwise is from a bad entity. Through human nature, electronics, weather, and peace in your three-faceted self, life is good when you remain optimistically praising God and loving others for your wonderful future. Your writer shall enlighten others for years and years, relating how and why God works through all of us well. Life is good, and so are you.