Seemingly Sound Eating yet Severe Bodily Damage

Inflammation Is Silently Assassinating You

by Robin Dobbins



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 28/10/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 156
ISBN : 9781504957946

About the Book

Inflammation inarguably has been identified as the father of all disease. This deadly assassin slips through the metal detectors via the seemingly good whole foods we ingest, not to mention the dastardly processed ones. In the meantime, twenty-thousand-plus mainstream diet schemes focus on calorie counting, carb shuffling, juicing, fasting, fats elimination, food combining, meal timing, and so forth. All are extremely complex or confusing at best besides overloading you with information. Achieving favorable body composition is their sole goal, a goal driven by the public’s demands. Wrong goal! “Seemingly Sound Eating yet Severe Bodily Damage” presents a rather disturbingly uncomplicated plan to eliminate inflammation while helping you achieve maximum nutrition. By simply eating in a manner that maintains your body on the anti-inflammatory side of the ledger will also enable you to avoid the three deadliest food additives—monosodium glutamate, high fructose corn syrup, and trans fatty acids, all silent killers. This book will reveal the way you should eat for a lifetime of permanent health. An anti-inflammatory eating protocol will allow you to avoid the likes of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart disease, arthritis, and numerous others spelled out in this book. You can have it all, but it must be on your hard drive or in your DNA to turn your back on all the mainstream bombardment concerning eating. Avoiding inflammation trumps all the schemes, no matter how well thought-out or researched. You cannot hit a baseball with poor eyesight, no matter how perfect your mechanics and bat speed may be. It’s your life decision to make the correct distinctions to enable self-reliance for as long as possible. The decision needs to be made before the symptoms of diseases raise their ugly heads. How long will you wait?

About the Author

Robin Dobbins is a practicing certified personal fitness trainer (CPFT) and rehabilitative exercise specialist (RES) with both certifications coming from Baylor Sports Medicine Institute (2001 and 2002) administered by a great organization, PFIT, owned by Wayne and Dahelia Hunt. It has been during these fifteen years of taking countless hours of continuing education courses that he became focused on proper eating and strength training for the older, forgotten population. He was an aspiring competitive bodybuilder and occasional power lifter in California during the late ’60s and early ’70s. Among his mentors were two greats in the “black iron game,” the legendary Jack LaLane and Jack Dellinger, Mr. Universe 1956. Robin’s desire to concentrate on his family and finish a degree in political science (California State University–Hayward, 1972) led to relegating the “iron game” to a hobby. His professional baseball career as a pitcher was cut short due to a severe arm injury in 1973, so the Dobbins moved back to their home state, Texas, in 1974, where he began his graduate degree at Stephen F. Austin State University. Being bombarded with questions about eating from countless people other than the ones he works with directly prompted his writing this book. “Seemingly Sound Eating yet Severe Bodily Damage” is the result of over a thousand hours of sorting through many of the twenty-thousand-plus mainstream complex eating schemes for immediate desired body composition results. His intuition (hunch) said eating was not meant to be difficult, and the goals should be a way to eat forever, not seek immediate but temporary results. “The older population’s lives count also. They can build both muscle mass and bone density with weight training and responsible yet simple eating. Health is not exclusively for the young beautiful people. I aim to see to that.”