Storybook Expressions

by Marg Moore



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 08/12/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 56
ISBN : 9781496955999

About the Book

When awareness surpasses realism, one can experience revelation beyond known intelligence. Often it arises from a sense of conflict or contradictions in our lives and may allow us to inventive ingenuity—a creative story based in self-acceptance and well-being. Expression of emotion through metaphor, supposition, and conversation is the art of lyrical play to open a world of consciousness, perpetuating all life through challenging moments. Storybook Expressions allows readers to experience the nature of conscience in a lighthearted diary of humor and longing to continue a growing discussion of varied ideas and views of an evolving world.

About the Author

The freedom to express the feelings, leading a life of personal value, is sometimes complicated and contradictory. In Storybook Expressions, I found a voice within myself that helped ease the insistent search for defining rules and instead let critiques give away to a creativity of imagination. In Storybook Impressions, a simple sense of myth and metaphor captivated endless moments I shared with my son. Further in Storybook Expressions, a restlessness and desire for a meaningful life of dedication to principles I felt inspired me to again design ideas of acceptance into an imperfect world. Through lyrical wording and concept, I hope to reach out to the art of the scribe, a way of blending heart to effort in the pen of the future, a millennial beginning between sentiment of the past, present, and birth of what is to come.