Power to the People

by Dylan Freemen



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 17/12/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 150
ISBN : 9781496993052

About the Book

Who are you? Where have you been to? Where are you going? Do you have a concept you can be something better? Are you concerned by the present social-economic situation? Would you like to attain complete spiritual freedom, a state in which at any future time nobody can manipulate you, control you, or enslave you? Follow the path by the author, if you feel it necessary to attain power and control over your own life. May you never be the same again! Unless of course you prefer to remain on the treadmill that has been trundling for more years than you can get into an Earth calculator. In the ancient past societies believed men and women were gods: people who were highly developed spiritually. You too can be amongst those gods. You can because you have latent power completely unknown to you. I intend to help you achieve that power in your own life. It is time for you to have full control of your own destiny. It is time for your spiritual freedom to again be brought to the fore and all the misery, pain, and degradation to be dissolved. In this book, I will also be informing you of the true ruling classes of this planet, who have been conspiring against us, by implementing the imposition of a worldwide slave race. I personally don’t believe that any person, no matter their creed or religion, should be enslaved, murdered, tortured, raped, or indeed any of the other despicable activities that seem to be running rampant at this time, and indeed throughout the whole history of Planet Earth. And so, I humbly offer up this possibly insignificant and meaningless work with a very simple comment: power to the people.

About the Author

Throughout my adult life, I have explored subjects which are considered on “the edge of society.” And the books which I intend to publish in the near future will be a culmination of about thirty years of research into the seemingly unusual, the seemingly impossible, and the seemingly astonishing. In this series of books, it will be my firm intention to make people more aware of the reality that they find themselves in at this time on this Planet Earth, to make them fully aware of the rigid control factors which are holding them back and causing them to feel unable to reach their full spiritual potential. I have to do this now because of the critical and dangerous situation that the people of this beautiful blue and green planet are undergoing, which is designed to bring about their enslavement or even their death. In the books, I will also reveal who exactly is controlling this planet at the moment and causing it to be in the degraded, contaminated, and violent condition that it is in. But most of all, I wish to inform people how they can achieve their full spiritual potential. To be completely free of the shackles and chains of the past and to have the ability to know again the truth of who they really are and not what the slave-mongers, the misanthropes, and all others of similar ilk want them to believe.