Face, Fire & Morality?

by Brian George



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 23/07/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 320
ISBN : 9781728389042

About the Book

The Team have settled back into their business after the travails of the second book. Stella has recovered from her kidnap and forced marriage attempt and is back running their African businesses. In Shanghai, Annie and Barry are preparing for Lin Fu’s leaving to get married in London. They decide that Barry must travel to Saudi Arabia and recruit Racel, the Philippine assistant to Barry’s bootlegging partners, Danny and Maria Winstone, over to China as the replacement for Lin Fu. When in Saudi Barry has to find a way to avoid the clutches of Maria Winstone who is insisting on a night with Barry as payment for releasing Racel from the Kingdom. In his own inimitable style Barry creates a hypnotic tantric illusion to facilitate their escape from Danny and Maria and gets Racel to China. The whole crew, including Stella and Mickey from Nigeria, travel to London for Lin Fu’s wedding to Morgan Transett the merchant banker. The wedding is carried out in style and while in London they meet up with Freddie Painter the hitman from the first book and the Team has to repay him by getting him out of the clutches of the law. Once back to their normal business Racel takes them to meet her cousin in the Philippines. To increase business Barry, Annie travel with her cousin to her home in the mountains and get embroiled in an Igorot village whose kids have been enslaved by a crazy priest. Repatriation of the kids to their families and becoming ever more spiritual and mystical while there. Racel meanwhile stays in Manila and has to take control of a situation and to assist in the rescue from kidnap and extermination of a whistleblower on a corrupt government broadband scandal. Unfortunately, the Chinese government are the ones doing the corrupting and they then have to leave quickly from the enquiries of the Chinese MSS state security service before being able to return to their new Head Office in Hong Kong. Annie and Barry have to use all her wit, magic, and more esoteric skills to save their livelihood again before returning to head office in Hong Kong. As usual when the Dream Team get travelling, there is sex, creative destruction, and bad people get killed, but all in the name of fairness and their own brand of justice. Throughout their adventures they never miss a chance to party and fight convention, or pomposity and turn morality on its head!

About the Author

I've been writing all my life in some for or another from a young age. These days I write my novels with the advantage of hindsight or wisdom of age using my life's personal experiences and love of travel. I have lived and worked in all of the places I write about. I love to meet and mix with different cultures. My stories come from within me but most of my characters are formed around people I have met or observed, I create their book character and apply it to their real body. I love moral dilemmas and to stand convention on its head. My characters are all non-conformist and anti-establishment, but you love them for it. If anything the straight and conventional are usually the villains, but ain't that true in real life? I like my stories to be believable, they can happen to anybody and I use many actual personal experiences or situations. My heroes are rogues but you love them and my villains are supposedly figures of authority.