Seven Blades of Legend

The Armor of Kamisama

by Kyle Canady



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 28/10/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 368
ISBN : 9781491824177

About the Book

Between North America and Japan where the North Pacific Ocean meets the Pacific Ocean lays a continent known as “The Eighth Continent”. Since the beginning of time, this continent was plagued with much chaos and war. The Eighth Continent harbored an extremely powerful demon who eventually conquered and ruled it in its entirety. This demon however looked to the world's example and divided the continent into four sections before his death. He appointed four beings as rulers of the continent, one for each half. One who rules the west, which is composed mainly of demigods, holy, and spiritual beings. The south, which is heavily inhabited by mysterious creatures and monsters. The east, which is ruled by the great demon's son, is infested with every manner of demon and the north, which is where our hero's journey begins, is home to all sorts of magical beings and magic users. In a section of the north is a kingdom known as Valestone, home to an honorable king who soon hopes to make history. Anthropomorphs are humanoid animals, but the human society is nervous and fearful of the idea of fusing our own culture with their own. So the king has begun talking with the leader of the anthropomorphs to help mankind step forward alongside with the humanoid animals. Everything had been working out perfectly until…………

About the Author

The monumental imagination of Kyle Canady and for years has been waiting for the opportunity to introduce you and the rest of the world to a massive elaborate universe that he has created involving in depth stories, suspenseful fights, and epic characters of all variety to adore, despise, love, and hate. So if you are a fan of fiction and prepared to embark on adventures of the grandest scale then you will not be disappointed.