Planes of Existence

by Kyle Lance Proudfoot



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 09/09/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 380
ISBN : 9781491877470

About the Book

 Planes Of Existence is a Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel with a good dosage of Humor and Horror which I, Kyle Lance Proudfoot, have written. It combines the best elements of both science fiction and fantasy and is hyper modern and futuristic taking place on far distant planets in the Universe. Leading from The Black Dungeon Doorway which is published by AuthorHouse UK it expands upon Character Classes introduced in The Free Show giving life to their profiles. There is great adventure, plenty of magic and technological devices and absolutely phenomenal battles. There is also a strong portrayal of the theme of Light and Shadow. I maintain my highly descriptive and exciting style of writing.  Planes Of Existence is Part 2, the sequel of The Black Dungeon Doorway. This will give me time to promote and try to make a bestseller of The Black Dungeon Doorway which is already published by AuthorHouse UK. There is also a Free Draft Promo of it.  My plan is to write a trilogy; the third title is The Door Of Light or Door Of Light and is a progression towards the Light and Good which is standard in all stories and most Hollywood plot lines.

About the Author

 I first started in IT in 1997 when I started my website From 2001 to 2005 I worked as a System Administrator in diverse instances. Since then I have worked as a Webmaster, Webdesigner and/or Webdeveloper on about 20 websites. I have also done projects such as 2D/3D graphics design, translation, editing, published 3 books, made art, music and a humor film. My passion is writing in genres such as science fiction, fantasy, humor, poetry and philosophy.  Helpful, creative, intellectual, logical/analytical, studious, organized, thorough.  Next to IT I have a lot of knowledge and work experience in Literature, Music, Art, Films, 3D Games, Internet, Multimedia, Entertainment and Social Media to develop projects independently or with others to make Open Source and/or Retail products.  My hobbies are diverse: Literature, Film, Music, Art, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Photography, Video, Philosophy, Psychology, Politic's, Space Travel, Biking, Nature, The Free Show, 3D Games, 3D Game Development, Information Technology, Open Source, Cooking.  Domain Names:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  My two websites are and