Journey to Eleusis

A Metaphorical Monomyth

by Susan A. Chadwick



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 09/01/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 210
ISBN : 9781481703703

About the Book

The first story in this collection of mythical tales was written about a Stranger that Echo, the narrator, met in the ashes, smoke and remains of the fallen twin towers after 9/11. The last story, written 10 years later, is about two separate human beings, The Prisoner and The Pythia, who met on the road to Eleusis to learn to travel together. It is a mystical, ethereal and cathartic collection of tales that trace a path through the depths of human despair, self-examination and the transformational path from sorrow to peace, and beyond, to a sacred union.

About the Author

Susan Chadwick was born in 1947 in a village in southern Indiana, the eldest daughter in a large boisterous family of seven children that contained its own conflicts and turmoil. After leaving home, she married, and followed her husband around the world, raising her children in difficult, but stimulating circumstances in Bangladesh, Egypt and Mexico. She finished college and graduate school, studied cross-cultural psychology and comparative cultures. When she finally had the courage to leave an empty marriage, she found how cruel life can be, and lost everything, emotionally and financially. She became a soul on the run, looking for a reason to continue, to believe. She has found her home in Boise, Idaho, where she finished this collection of stories about men and women she has met, known, and loved along the way. She is living happily with her husband, Dean, and two cats, Tucker and Marlo. They each write everyday.