Spiritual Incitement

by Serge and Roman Lapytski



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 29/12/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 234
ISBN : 9781481701754

About the Book

“Spiritual Incitement” is a psychological thriller with an intense focus on the unstable emotional state of a young gentleman named Romeo, who used to be very healthy and brave, before strange things started happening to him. A couple of professionals, a Psychologist and an Intelligence Officer, by the will of fate or the solitary decision of their Boss, got involved in the complex investigation of the bizarre incidents while trying to help Romeo, the youthful chap who is the main character in the book, to get back on his feet and live a wonderful life. The story incorporates elements of mystery and drama, psychosomatic horror and the typical traits of the crime novel genre. The sequence of events shows the struggle of Romeo to resolve conflicts with his own mind, which, in reality, is an effort to understand something that has happened to him. The investigators, while exploring both the known and unknown facts of that young man’s life, are trying to stay open minded and reasonable, but still believe that all the events that took place are just a result of a very well planned and executed scheme. Also, the book covers a number of interesting operations carried out by one Intelligence Service to outplay their opposition. Furthermore, there are some “wild” ideas for the use of a human Soul: when this “Spirit agent” crosses over into a different world, they see no borders, no boundaries, no walls… Their Soul can travel anywhere, and then communicate their findings back into this world. This will be a breakthrough for any party, who is able to discover or develop this “technology”…

About the Author

Serge Lapytski is a graduate of Boston University, a former Military Officer and the author of “Cockroaches!”, “Believe, Achieve and Forgive!”, “Me and my life: guilty without guilt or confessions of the innocent” and “The heart of a lion! E-Hare”. The books were published during 2009-12. Serge successfully completed many special programs at various educational institutions in Canada, England, Russia, the USA and some others. So far in total Serge visited twenty countries for didactic, business and pleasure purposes. To get more information about Serge’s work please visit the www.lapytski.com website or www.google.com search engine and type Serge Lapytski in the search criteria field.