Found, Forgiven, Forgotten

by Sue McGee



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 14/01/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 192
ISBN : 9781477294208

About the Book

MAZE OF CONFUSION Lost in a maze of confusion and desperation, suicide seemed to be the only solution. I had a life of chaos spent searching for my purpose in life. My search including a God I knew was there but did not know how to seek Him. Was He really there, and if so, why couldn't I find Him? Many songs came out during the 60's and 70's that described me perfectly. Some of the words were; How do I get off from this merry-go-round, my head is spinning, lonely girl, caught in this game, lost as a lamb, and who am I? I cried every time I heard these songs because I could relate to them all. I knew I was caught in a web of despair but did not know how to become free or find hope by trying to find my way out of the maze alone. God sent a light from above through a dream He gave me that I believe was the hand of an angel. She took me by the had and helped to guide me through the maze to a path that began to bring me peace and hope. I followed her in my dream to a pathway that was leading me to God. She said, do not be afraid. God loves, God cares, God hears. From there I became involved in Bible Studies, support groups and church meetings. He sent wonderful people to me that helped me grow as a Christian woman. He has used my past over and over again during the past thirty-five years to help others find HOPE and peace in a dark and confusing world. My siblings and I were raised in a dysfunctional home where there was addiction, abuse, alcoholism, incest, homosexuality, molestation, adultery, anger, and oppression. He took our lives and recreated us and made something beautiful of our lives. Why? Because He is real. HE LIVES! There is hope, we just have to want it. H-Hope O-Offers- P-Promises- E- Everyday. HOPE also Opens Painful Eyes so we can truly see the wonderful plans He has for all of us no matter what our past was like.

About the Author

This book is perfect for offering HOPE to broken people and broken families. There is help but we must realize we need help before we can actually see results. My personal journey took so long before I found that there truly is a God who cares, He knows, He loves. My parents were sick people who were very damaged. Therefore my siblings and I suffered greatly. I went on a journey to find my purpose and wanted the same for all my precious siblings. We all have found forgiveness and HOPE. We live wholesome lives now and see one another regularly. We also are better parents than our parents were. Our prayer is that all family's and individuals will find HOPE and happiness through the steps we have taken in this book. We want the same for you! Please call me if your church would like to have me speak at their ladies groups or retreats. I am honored to share my past in order to help others to gain freedom from their past. I can be reached by calling my cell phone. My email address is