World Inside Designer Jeans

Witch Hazel Widow: Volume 1

by Paco-Michelle Atwood



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/03/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 136
ISBN : 9781477294420

About the Book

In 2012, five individuals from very different walks of life, and with very different perspectives on faith, agreed to participate in a 5-card Tarot reading…just before attending an annual open-mic poetry event and underground after-party. Once the Reader gave them basic interpretive insight on what was symbolically represented in the imagery and placement of the cards, many uncomfortably raw-and-personal thoughts were shared…out loud…between strangers. It was just a simple creative-writing exercise, experimenting with words, images, and sound. But the outcome of what the participants chose to share with the Reader that year, opened a floodgate of emotions, repressed feelings, and new channels for creative exchange…significantly altering their previous perceptions of current circumstances and expectations for the future. Ultimately, they each discovered how similar their internal experiences, and individual “walks” in life, actually were…despite the obvious differences in their personal backgrounds and outwardly shared belief systems. Before going off their separate ways to the events and festivities that laid ahead, each of them was prompted to periodically re-visit certain elements of their past, based upon their own interpretations of what was depicted in the cards. They were instructed to imagine themselves on a journey in seek of the truth, about a person they did not know personally, but who was clearly going through a quiet pain and suffering. Upon leaving, their “secret mission” was to follow a mysterious widow and attempt to identify her “true” story, and when it actually began. Today, the true identities of the five participants remain anonymous…beneath a colorful veil of graphic art and simulated-environment Machinimatography*…behind the powerfully haunting voice that tells the tales. But what is revealed, to those who choose to enter and take the journey, is the secret world of private thoughts and intense moments that were once shared between strangers. Personal epiphanies, carefully hidden between the lines of intriguing words, within the images, and deep…inside the sound. The outcome for readers now, depends on how much they are willing to find out about their own hidden truths…how much dirt they are willing to dig up about themselves…and most importantly, what they decide to do with it, upon discovering. Welcome…to World Inside Designer Jeans!

About the Author

With an undying passion for the Arts and fascination with advancing technologies, this self-proclaimed "Grammar Geek" spends countless hours--online and offline--constantly experimenting and exploring for new ways to expound upon the institution of poetry, and the art of story-telling. Having discovered an entirely new dimension of creative possibilities in the realms of Social Media and simulated-environment technology, PACO-MICHELLE's most recent book project, "WORLD INSIDE DESIGNER JEANS", is a mystically seductive-yet-tasteful compilation of Electronic Poetry and Esoteric Tales. Her signature style of integrating words and sound with real-life artwork and virtual world imagery, is a subtly symbolic yet very deliberate reminder from the author of the fine-line parallels and inter-connected threads that tend to exist between the spiritual world and the material world...the imagined world of fantasy, and the physical places and circumstances commonly referred to as "reality". Most inspired since childhood by the works of Nikki Giovanni, Sylvia Plath, and Madeleine L'Engle, Ms. Atwood has gained invaluable insight through deep introspection, personal observation, and an ongoing effort to bring the human experience that lives behind each poem, to the forefront for all to see, hear, feel, and touch. Essentially, to give a voice to poetry that might not otherwise be heard, experienced, or even indulged in our fast-paced world of Digital Acceleration and Innovation. PACO-MICHELLE's first milestone towards "giving poetry a voice" started coming to life back in the mid-90’s, when she began participating in Open-Mic poetry events and performing with a local band as a background vocalist. After spending the majority of her previous years simply journaling and writing poetry, this was the lovely moment in time when she came to the profound realization that hearing and performing poetry was a completely different experience from simply reading and writing it (...both, for herself and for others.) Once she was introduced to electronic music and the underground social scene, the rest was history! The Los Angeles native was immediately inspired to revisit old poems she had written back in grade school and college, and started recorded them to the backdrop of original Trip-Hop tracks and theatrical sound. This process of reaching back to the old to create something entirely new, was the inspiration for her first collection of published works, "NEW RENDITION OF OLD BLACK SPIRITUALS". This notion of digging deep to expose the human experiences and personal observations behind her own poetry, is the premise upon which the Spanish-titled theme piece "MUNDO ADENTRO" was named (translated in English as "world inside") Over the years, Ms. Atwood has found this process of "re-visitation and re-creation" to be creatively invigorating and, in fact, quite therapeutic...not only for herself but for other artists and poetry enthusiasts as well. Call it a creative-spiritual Coming-Out party, if you will. But it is from this experience and from these very depths where PACO-MICHELLE loves to dig and delve, for common elements of human experience and universal language to be brought to the forefront of mind and media...hence, the name WITCH HAZEL WIDOW Productions. (Yes, you have to think about it!)