Calm in the Moment

A Book of Lyrics To Ease The Soul As We Grow

by Alexandru Sota



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 05/09/2012

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 368
ISBN : 9781477244227

About the Book

Calm in the Moment is Romanian author Alexandru Sota’s 2nd published work and is comprised of verses written from 2010-2012. Sota writes spoken word and short flowing narratives that focus around the concept of change and the goal of experiencing happiness in life by placing importance on simple human elements in a language all readers can understand. Sota progressively paints a vivid portrait using social commentaries as his expressive writing drifts through many different emotions by focusing on the need of bridging the past and future without losing our precious calm in the moment… (What the world needs now). Serving as a mentor and sports coach in his community on two different continents over the years, Sota has become a voice for his generation providing useful wisdom for today’s youth. Through urban poetry he urges positive sustainability for children coming up in the world.

About the Author

“Alex Sota is a writer true to his words, beliefs, and character. Genuine human emotion is emitted out as a gift to the masses in a world that no longer holds those values as the bench mark for everyday life.” – WG “Mr. Alexandru Sota is a passionate writer who is fueled by his love for reaching audiences, and inspiring and educating young minds, so as to make a difference in their lives. He is among few authors of his generation with the capability of channeling his artistic creativity into a unique, honest, and inspiring medium which illustrates the intensities of human emotions and life experiences that all readers can relate to as part of the human condition. Whether through his moving poetry or writing, he is sure to evoke strong emotions.” – CN “Alex Sota is a poet with true soul and wit.” – NB “Alex Sota has a way of speaking to the everyday person in a clear and deliberate way. In this ever-changing world, his voice challenges the reader to not only acknowledge these changes, but to embrace them and all of the apparent and distorted beauties of life, whether we want to or not. He clearly understands that the only constant in life is change and delivers this message to the reader, in a succinct way." – DD “Sota can write for days…” – CLCH