Ghost of Memories

by David Mendoza



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 24/06/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 394
ISBN : 9781481798150

About the Book

A MODERN DRAMA Invoking the intense fledgling feelings of romance, love and compassion as the opening act of the novel "Ghost of Memories" brings to the fore emotions that are abundant during the teenage years. Melissa and Tomasz are the "Romeo and Juliet" of their day but the sad parting of the ways see Tomasz embark upon university life. The door opens for sinister behaviour to occur at the hands of her wretched parents, James and Geraldine Richards. Follow the full force of depravity played out on the innocent teenagers, Melissa and her sister Sandra. Find solace at the retribution taken to ensure foul play will never again be committed by the evil perpertrators. Feel the despair as Sean is imprisoned, Michelle is abandoned and Melissa traces her uncertain future with her new partner, the artful Dario Méndez. Observe the tale unfold as Tony de Gea is coerced into a plot hatched by Sean to wreck revenge on his one time friend, Dario. Read how Melissa becomes disillusioned as time passes with her husband and of the fortuitious meeting with her past love, Tomasz. Can the sands of time be reversed or is it too late for Dario to make amends and atone his wrongdoings? Track the authors story until the final part of this incredible novel to discover if the book is just a story ...or if it is his own true life? Enthralling from start to finish!

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