Why You Didn't Get the Job

Ten Steps for Success In Business ~ A Woman's Guide to Navigating Her Way to the Top

by Diane Cashin



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 16/10/2012

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 110
ISBN : 9781477274248
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 110
ISBN : 9781477274255

About the Book

This book is designed for the smart, savvy businesswoman who has what it takes to achieve her full potential, knows there is more, and wants to get there faster. Imagine how it would feel to get what you deserve, not just what you need. Where would you direct your life if you knew you couldn’t fail? What would be possible if you had insider secrets on how to land your next big promotion?

In Why You Didn’t Get the Job, Diane Cashin, a business strategist and executive transformation expert, explains how your journey to the executive suite does not have to be a struggle. This powerful executive pays it forward with 10 action steps on how to get what you want. The strategies she offers are based on 30 years of leadership experience working with some of corporate America’s biggest names including Cisco, Lockheed Martin, Siemens and The Department of Veterans Affairs.

Diane shares real-life, hidden techniques that empower you to immediately take control of your future and become unstoppable. Through self-awareness,honesty, empowerment, and velocity, discover how to accelerate your way to an executive-level position. You will achieve life-changing breakthroughs by removing roadblocks and facing candid, sometimes uncomfortable insights that will propel you forward. It is the ultimate woman’s leadership guide to navigate your way to the top and enjoy every step of your journey.

If you want results as fast as possible, let this book be your personal guide. Join the movement to build the next wave of women executives who will transform the business landscape. Be bold. Be fearless. Be unstoppable!

About the Author

About the Author Diane Cashin is a business strategist and executive transformation coach. She is the founder of True North Enterprise, which partners with business executives and individuals to create unprecedented results with speed and velocity. Throughout her career, Diane has been an influential leader and worked with some of corporate America’s biggest names, including overseeing global strategies for Cisco and their collaboration with organizations like: Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, EMC, The Department of Veteran Affairs and many others. Diane believes that true leaders are continually learning and never stop evolving, which is why she left success in corporate America to follow her passion and purpose. Her mission is to empower women and transform executives who have what it takes, knows there is more and is trying to get there faster. Diane’s gift is shifting others from frustration into a world of possibilities. Her approach comes from an honest, non-judgmental point of view, to help each person achieve his or her full potential. As a life learner, Diane has an insatiable desire to continually reflect and evaluate the attributes and experiences she needs to improve all aspects of her life. Though Diane was abundantly loved, she grew up sequestered in the poor, inner city neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Living in poverty created an environment of isolation, resulting in a limited view of the world and what was possible. Diane cannot explain what it was about her environment that instilled in her the need to survive, the insatiable desire to always keep learning, and the belief that if you strive to do the right things, good things will happen to you. It wasn't until Diane was 18 that she had an opportunity to leave her neighborhood, when, the day after high school graduation, she began working as a legal secretary in downtown Philadelphia – “the big city.” Interacting with educated, wealthy lawyers she realized she had more to learn and life had so much more to offer. Over the years Diane had had many extraordinary leaders invest their time as a mentor and instill in her that she was smart, capable and that everything is possible. With this foundation, Diane became fearless. She tried many new things, believing in herself and approaching life from the perspective of “what if she couldn’t fail” and jumped in. Looking back over 30 years, Diane went from a girl who didn’t know what she didn’t know, to a world traveler, business executive, and transformation coach. It required breaking out of old habits and limiting beliefs, keeping an open mind, being flexible, and the burning desire to evolve. Though her path to success was often unknown, her line of sight into the future she wanted to create became crystal clear. Most importantly, she was willing to do the work necessary and apply her skills to make those goals a reality. Diane continually invested in herself obtaining certifications in technology, completing her college degree while working full-time and being a mother, participated in industry and women’s organizations, and always sought out leaders as her mentors in support of her career goals. She created big dreams for her career, which traversed information technology, marketing, sales, and business development across commercial, state, local, federal and global business environments. She thrives on solving complex business problems and quickly rose in the ranks of her career. She was able to use her critical thinking and problem solving skills to partner with business leaders to solve their greatest challenges, and achieve rapid results. Throughout her accomplishments, she held firm in the belief that she could always improve and pushed the boundaries to expand her capabilities. A core principle Diane followed was being open to hear suggestions and learn lessons that would make her a better, more evolved leader. Her growth was realized with every mistake, providing an opportunity to reflect, analyze, and embrace all the lessons that could be learned. Through Diane’s thirst for knowledge, she made a commitment to receive well-rounded learning experiences from mentorships, formal education, and hard knocks business experience. She received her bachelors of business management degree from the University of Phoenix, and is also a graduate of the Women Unlimited Leadership Program in New York City. These experiences have afforded Diane the opportunity to see business at every level of an organization, providing a sincere appreciation for every person’s role in an organizations success. Diane believes that the synergy between all team players is how to win, and great leaders know how to make this happen. Diane was inspired to write this book after receiving shocking news, which caused her to re-evaluate her purpose and direction in life. After a routine annual physical, pre-cancerous cells were detected and she underwent surgery to remove them. Faced with the harsh reality of what could have been, the goals of what she wanted to accomplish for the rest of her life changed. This incident provided Diane with yet another opportunity to reflect; however this time reflection came from a very different place. It didn't come from her mind and career plan as a priority; it came from her being, heart and spirit. She reflected on what she needed to learn from this experience and how this would transform her future and others she encountered. The reflection resulted in this question, "Have you fulfilled your purpose while you are here on this magnificent planet?" So Diane decided to leave Corporate America to explore her life’s purpose to empower others, especially women, to step into their greatness, achieve their dreams faster from a place of clarity on who they are and what they want, with less stress, and enjoy the journey! Diane decided to share 30 years of business leadership experiences and pay-it forward to the next wave of women leaders -- saving them time, removing frustration and helping them avoid obstacles on their journey to the top. Diane’s wish is that we create a culture of honest dialogue, from a place of love and respect that empowers women to leave behind things that hold them back, and amplify the strongest attributes as leaders. For her, it has been a wonderfully enlightening journey, and now as president and CEO of True North Enterprise, she continues her life’s journey as an executive transformation coach. Nothing gives Diane more joy than to witness others step into their greatness. It’s a unique journey for each individual both personally and professionally. In business, make sure you have the road map, directions, compass and weather forecast to navigate your journey to the top. As Diane always says: “Take great care of yourself, know who you are and what you love, and have a blast changing the world!” Diane lives in Northern Virginia with her life partner David and has two extraordinary grown children, Samantha and Paul, who are her True North.