Calington Castle II

Testing the Truth

by R.A. Feller



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 09/09/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 402
ISBN : 9781496938466

About the Book

When I was a boy I liked to go on many adventures hiking up and down the Hudson River. It was during these times of exploration in the woods, coming upon old abandoned buildings, land and rock formations; along with a variety of vegetation and animal life. I became attracted to uncovering the truth about things.
In this book I test the properties of truth as the story of Calington Castle continues. Observations as treasures come alive, as they are the experiences I’ve had within my own life that have crafted me towards a healing, finding me full, alive and free. A never-ending path of excitement waits around every turn. As learning new things is an adventure for us all. There is a challenge when the truth is unfolded before us, for here we are tested to examine it a fresh each new day. For me it guides to plot a course as a reference point of stability; one where I find the pathway of serenity leading to peace in an ever changing world.

About the Author

It is important to have a right notion of order. One in which a pattern will hold the fabric of a society together. Only an enemy would want to unravel it to suit their own chaotic purposes. As when there is disruption in a person they in turn will disrupt others to make themselves feel comfortable in the dark.
R. A. Feller spends much of his time trying to keep things simple in order to experience an honest and real life; one that holds stability. This is where he finds completion in reality.
After growing to overcome philosophies with many falsehoods, he has become cen-tered in a position of peace. This is where he gains insight into the gift he has for his writ-ing. It is apparent there is freshness in his style; as in clarity he examines the underpin-nings of what hold all things together in the balance of life.