Test Your Knowledge Revelation Quizzing Theological Work Book

by Prophetess and Pastor Dr. Mary Neal



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 28/09/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 310
ISBN : 9781477269596

About the Book

Quizzing is about encouraging, building up, evoking, provoking, challenging and renewing of the mind.
Questions are good; if a question was never asked we might not be motivated to think. These evoking and thought-provoking questions will motivate one's thinking.
In the back of the book, you will discover a wealth of information given by The Holy Ghost to enlighten the bookworm; those who hunger and thirst for more wisdom, knowledge, understanding and revelation.

About the Author

Prophetess and Pastor Dr. Mary Neal is the author of the book "A New revelation from God", A CD "If You Want To Be Blessed" A biblical game "Pick Up Your Cross Daily and Follow Me" She is also a songwriter and a writer of plays and poems. She spent over eighteen years in ministry, ministering in churches, outreach ministries, ministering to the small as well as the great. Her passions are, searching the scriptures daily, teaching and preaching the Word of Yahweh/God, lending a helping hand as commanded in Isaiah 58 and Matthew 25. "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me” says, The Lord. Number one goal, she says it is to make known the "Revelation of God's Son and the mysteries (hidden truths from the foundation of the world). To unify the body of The Messiah/The Christ that the church will be one body, mind, soul and Spirit as said in scriptures. John chapter 17 and Galatians teaches us that we are to be one as Yahweh/God and Yahushua/Jesus are “One” Meaning, having the same mind and Spirit. She was born in Hayneville Alabama in 1947, the daughter of Ethel and Gilbert Wiley (both deceased). Mary became a member of the church and was baptized; at the age of ten and she was refreshed (re-baptized) in the year of 1995. She relocated to Westbury New York in 1966 and Waco Texas 1992 where she currently resides. She is a License and Ordained Prophetess and Pastor she also received her Doctorate degree in 2012. She says that she has the Testimony of Jesus Christ, for this is the Spirit of prophecy as said in Revelation 19:10 and 13. Founder and President of a non-profit organization, A Community volunteer, founder of “God's One People In Christ Ministries” “The House Of The Lord People Church” Gal. 3:28 and John 17 meaning, One in the Spirit but many members. Founder of “One People Annual City-Wide Unity Day the last Saturday in May, 2013 will be our 12th Annual; we always receive an Annual Proclamation from the City. Dr. Neal broadcasted six days a week for two years "This Is My Portion" KRMY "The Light" 1050 AM and www.krmyradio.com, broadcasting on BlogTalkRadio 24/24, she wrote articles for Black Christian News and two other local newspapers. She is The International Feed My Sheep Ambassador for the NPower International Ministry Network and she does live on-line International teaching weekly, Dr. Inetta J. Cooper, Founder/Visionary" She pastor in two locations, preach and teach in three Nursing Homes, The County Jail, the Detention Center, youth ministry known as, TYC, feed the hungry both spiritual and physical every Saturdays and Sundays, provide clothing, shoes and household good when possible, she also send out and teach on-line Quizzing weekly for almost two years. Preached on The Word Worldwide Network, she has interviewed and spoken out on local Radio and TV Stations many times and she supervised forty-four employees, is a high quality production lab.