Cherish Memories

by Joan Jean McCarthy



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 24/10/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 248
ISBN : 9781463410681

About the Book

Everyone of us all have stories to be told. We all can write about our own individual love, happiness, emotional, physical pain, sorrow that we all experienced in our lifetime. All of my writings in my biography are based on my own personal experiences, observations that I had in my own personal lifetime. My personal biography is a road path of my personal life which will help others to gain some insight into the choices that I made as a individual that I am as a person along the way of my unique lifetime. Everyone's life is different and unique. There is no one person who basically leads the same life as far as experiences, unpredictable happenings, are concern. This is why everyone's life is unique, and interesting to read about. In my biography, I am the subject, I express my views on things, my version of events that took place in my lifetime. By confronting my own unique painful memories as well as happy and exciting ones, and by writing my own biography makes me feel better as a person, and to be able to share my good, and bad experiences with my readers. Also, the story of my personal life is so important to those who love and respect me. By relating my memories and insights will long be valued and treasured by all my beloved family members. The true gift of my personal biography will be complete only when I had shared my unique biography with family members, and readers, near and far.

About the Author

Author Joan Jean McCarthy was born in New York City, New York on November 30, 1952, and raised in the suburbs of Rockland County, Nanuet, New York since she was two years old. When Joan was fifteen years old her father, William Anthony McCarthy, who worked as a Manager at Westinghouse Corporation, relocated to Long Island, New York. Joan’s mother Joan Mary McCarthy worked for Grand Union as a Manager for the Dairy Department in Nanuet, Ossining, New York State. Author Joan, and her sister Justine attended New Town High School in Long Island when Joan entered 9’th grade. Within a few months, Joan’s family relocated again to Croton-on-Hudson, New York where both Joan, and her sister Justine finished their high school years at Croton Harmon High School. When Author Joan was a student in high school, she had taken a poetry class, from this point on she knew her talent was in creative writing. Joan continued to write for pleasure, and enjoyment through out her entire lifetime. At present Joan still does. In the year of 2002, Author Joan published her first book in poetry entitled, “Eclipse Of The Heart”, ISBN: 0-7596-7945-2, which has 200 inspirational poems that consist of romance, nature, and religious poetry. In the year of 2005, Author Joan published her second book entitled “Greenwood College”, which is a love story that takes place in a college environment between a History teacher Mr. Sutton, and his female student named Sandy West, which has a happy ending, ISBN: 1-4208-6514-5. When Author Joan’s father retired from Westinghouse Corporation, this was when Author Joan decided to move to Ocala, Florida with her family. On June 25, 2005 Author Joan married Matteo Ruisi Jr. in a beautiful church ceremony. In the year of 2011 Author Joan divorced Matteo Ruisi Jr. due to complications in the marriage. Both Matteo, and Joan were married for exactly five years. Presently Author Joan is living a single, independent lifestyle, and is enjoying every minute of it!!!! Author Joan enjoys sharing her writing talents with the public, and hopes that her third published book entitled, “The Adventures Of Herman The Inchworm”, which is a cartoon book that was published in the year of 2007 will also stimulate her reader’s minds, imagination, and interest. This was why she also published “Adventures Of Herman The Inchworm” ISBN: 978-1-4259-7969-0 to give joy, and pleasure to those readers out there who simply enjoy reading. In the year of 2011, Author Joan decided to published her own autobiography which to her was a remembering experience for her from infancy to her present life. To remember all her defeats, and accomplishments in her personal lifetime. To remember all her family relatives that had passed away, and those who are among the living still. It is not until a person accomplished their own autobiography is when a person’s life can be fully, and clearly focused to the best of their ability.