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Language : English
Publication Date : 15/02/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 168
ISBN : 9781456732349

About the Book

This is A’Kyria….

Somewhere out in space lies the edge of the universe; a point where there is no more void, but an anti-void...or a full space. It is a wall of matter so wide, so far reaching that the beings of a thousand planets cannot trace the end of it. It is where dark matter ends and white matter begins. The end of the universe, it seems, is just the beginning of a world so vast that physics must discover new laws to explain it. The surface is merely the edge of where one stage of the universe transitions into the next. The mysterious white matter has mass but is not effected by or generates gravity. Other mass centers create gravity; they can exist anywhere and in any combination.

In this Universe the types of lands are as diverse as the imagination can create. Suns orbit some lands to create rings of life along the endless surface. Our forbears who believed that the sun orbited the planet would find their beliefs valid. Life might exist in a figure 8 set of rings around cavern entrances, radiating areas from tropical to glacial. Moons or planetoids could spin around their own centers creating kaleidoscopes of orbiting bodies. In other areas, suns might exist below the surface creating cavernous lands that cover the surface like lichen; a Dyson sphere with the star positioned in the center and life on the walls.

In A’Kyria, the lands do not need to be traditional or follow the methods we deem normal to create places of splendor. Some lands might not need a star at all, but maybe a moon heated by a sun when exiting a cavern and brings the heat down with it as it travels. Imagine a weaker, dimmer star that travels through a channel with all the life existing upon the surface of the cavern. The sun sets when it rises above the surface, leaving the cavern in darkness. There are lands in permanent twilight from suns that barely rise above the surface, as well as, others that remain fixed giving constant daylight and burned lands where the suns are too close together.

There are frozen wastes and oceans that stretch to the edges of forever; lands of strange beliefs, alien, bizarre or comforting in its familiarity. It is a land of infinite possibilities, where magic and technology, peasant and space ranger can meet just as easily as neighbors taking out the trash. It is a world where the only limits are the limits you place on yourself.

Welcome to A'Kyria.

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