Good vs. Evil...Overcoming Degradation through the Love and Brilliance of God: Book Two: Seeking to Duplicate the Heart, Courage and Genius of the Lord Jesus Christ

by Jerry Davis



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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/08/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 404
ISBN : 9781477224069
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 404
ISBN : 9781477224052

About the Book

Book One may appear to be a little scary to read because it takes you into evil and the destruction of lives. Far too many people won't begin to take a look. What mankind doesn't recognize from afar is that he has been in agreement with many of the lies being perpetuated, through the deceitfulness of evil and his lack a awareness. He managed to get himself in, and now he must fully participate in getting himself out.

The good news is Book Two is providing the help necessary to bring you out. It's giving you the map, and the access to understanding that which will help to set yourself free. You will find you cannot do all of it alone. The life of Jesus Christ is being utilized in Book Two as our ultimate leader, teacher, and guide. You will want to understand the heart, courage and genius which was developed Him from living His life in faith. The attributes of Jesus can and should be studied and duplicated. His teachings are aptly quoted to illustrate various results of life; and provide oppositions of thought to counter the mechanics of evil being levied against us through the minds of the self.

Jesus gave us His teachings, examples and demonstrations over two thousand years ago. Mankind has made progress since then in maintaining his sanity and integrity, but our progress has not proven, to me, to be enough. Look closely at people and their problems and you will see that far too many people are living with way too much pain and fear. And we all hear stories of good religious people who experience a fall as they become subject to sinning. Yes, we are all sinners but much of the sinning we do is because we do not greatly understand! The mechanics of evil and the thousands of approaches Satan has to engage a man, are often overwhelming! I look at our world today and can see the many compulsions at work in the minds of men in mass, and I'm genuinely concerned. Man doesn't begin to understand the size, complexity, and scope of all that he is up against in our world as it is. We've all heard of Satan, and most of us will acknowledge he is there to damage our life, but generally that's as far as our knowledge of him goes. It is our ignorance of him that make us most vulnerable. When we don't recognize the decisions we make are in league with supporting his working mechanics in pain, then we don't have much of a chance. We need to become enlightened in order to be protective of our souls, which is the basis and design of book number three.

Book Two has two agendas which I continue to present throughout. I continue to show the reader the ongoing dilemmas he has to contend with through the cunning and deceit of evil in full cooperation with the six major steps of the longest and greatest lie ever told. Various aspects of the lie are a part of each one of us, and the lies will literally have to be removed. This will take a lot of time and hard work. While you will be steadily at work getting to the truth, I will continue to show the you the things you will need to actively involve yourself in, in order to bring yourself out. There are no easy solutions, and there is little gain to be made without the accommodation of some pain. But the pain will be tolerable and the end will remain as a blessing in your sights! You have the Trinity of God working within you through your deep and deliberate breathing. You have scriptures of truth to be studied at your disposal, and you will have the blessings of your memorized prayer. You have the love, faith and forgiveness of God working within your essence of being. You will be learning to let go and trust in God. The more you learn to love them as the Trinity, the more you will grow in faith. And as Jesus told us, It is from faith, God will make us well.

About the Author

I've always been interested in understanding the nature of man. Man is by far the most complex creature on planet earth. It is the destructive side of man that needs to be understood. We've been engaging in wars from our earliest written history and we continue to find reasons for fighting in wars today. How can a man be so loving and protective towards his family members, and then become completely turned around in his values in pursuing his career? How can a man from God become cruelly manipulating and deceitful towards the outcome of others, and all for profit? My goal is to bring as much reality in truth to the reader as the reader can bear. I've been a student "seeking to know the truth" for most of my life and I began to write down my findings 25 years ago. I've studied different religions, various philosophies, and numerous psychologies. None of these studies have made me an expert, but they have contributed, well, to my overall experience. And I have seen the reality for needing to know God. This was my conclusion as I learned that the struggles I put myself through were far greater than necessary. I finally turned to God to find peace, and He has provided me with answers to questions which I had not previously thought to ask.

The adventure I've been on has not been all that easy to participate in. I seek to know the truth about myself and others and it has sometimes been difficult. Nobody wants to look upon them self in a bad light, and we fear the idea of bringing on more pain to our body and mind. But if we truly want to become free from the suffering which has resulted from the various losses we've unwittingly participated in, then we've got to be willing to face the truth. This is the work I've been doing for the last 40 years and the things I've come to know and continue to learn are amazing . . . I'm putting together everything I've learned and am learning in Books One, Two, and Three. I believe mankind hasn't been truly free within his spirit since the fall of man. I also believe the material in these books will provide you with a new kind of hope. This will be an adventure, and it will be the road less traveled, but for those who will pursuit, it shall make all the difference in the world.