The Journey

Living Life Without Limits

by MonJurr



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/0001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 140
ISBN : 9781452007069

About the Book

This book reveals the hidden secret to the creation of man by revealing the myth behind the fall of man eating the forbidden fruit. “NO MORE LACK, NO MORE STRUGGLES”! This powerfully provocative book with amazing revelation will undoubtedly cause those that will read to come to their created essence. It guides as well as teaches the transforming power of self so that you may receive the white stone that Jesus mentions. The white stone will reveal to you your God divine name and destiny which is written in heaven. All of this will give you the ability to take back your God-given power to be great.


·                    The secrets to unlocking a fulfilling life.

·                    Realizing that all you desire is yours, with no more limitations.

·                    Knowing that joy and peace can be your everyday experience.

·                    Removing fear and returning true laughter to your life.

·                    Experiencing great happiness with loved ones and friends.

About the Author


In the fall of 2004 the Lord awoke MonJurr from his sleep and spoke words that would forever changed his life. Calling him by name; Myron, Myron ‘yes’ he responded, "My word is My DIVINE Order"! Being somewhat coherent he didn't understand where the voice was coming from. His response: What! Who are you? The voice impressed on him ‘I AM God’ then repeated. "My word is My DIVINE Order"! MonJurr pondered those words everyday sense that time seeking understanding of what the true meaning was and its intended purpose. Even to this day the fullness of those powerful words has yet to be fully revealed.


God began a process of freeing MonJurr from captivity redeeming him to be a mighty servant? Saying; you MonJurr were despised and rejected but now kings will stand at attention, Princes will bow low because I the Lord have chosen you. Trust Me in this; like a nursing mother will never leave her child and even if she could I will not forget my promise to you. This day I will make you great in the sight for all to see. I AM King of all and Lord of all. Through you I will say to the prisoners of darkness, "COME OUT"! I am giving you your freedom. No longer will you need the sun or the moon for light, for I the Lord your God will be your everlasting Light. Kings will be blinded by your glory and I give you a new name “MonJurr” (Ministry Of the Name Jesus Ultimate Revelation of the Resurrection). A splendid Crown in My hand, I the Lord God up hold you.


This is MonJurr’s début publication in addition he has also written, produced and directed a mini-film “Conscious Imprisonment”.