School Scoundrelle

by Marla Weiss



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 19/01/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 248
ISBN : 9781449051556

About the Book

School Scoundrelle is the sequel to School Scandalle. Molly Kelman, math teacher extraordinaire, returns to Merritt Country Day School in Palm Beach, Florida at the behest of its astute but equally eccentric Headmaster, Charles Long. Deciding that she belongs in the classroom, Molly forgives Charles for his previous academic betrayal. Professional jealousy from the Math Department Chair, math phobia from the Lower School Dean, and academic amateurism from the Middle School Dean all contribute to a problematic experience for Molly. Yet, when Charles promotes one of the threesome to Assistant Headmaster, bearable machinations transform into intolerable persecutions. Molly survives through personal strength rather than Charles’s support.

About the Author

Marla Weiss, a graduate of Barnard College, Harvard University, and Walden University, is a writer, educator, and mathematician. She has one degree in pure mathematics, two in applied mathematics, and one in mathematics education. Although she specialized in math for gifted students, Dr. Weiss has a broad base of teaching and curriculum experience from kindergarten through graduate school. She is the author of eight books to date. School Scandalle is her debut novel; School Scoundrelle is its sequel. Royalties from these novels go to the nonprofit Jack Shapiro Mathematics Education Foundation, Inc. for the improvement of mathematics education. Queries should go to Dr. Weiss, President of MAVA Books and Education Company, is also the author of unique math textbooks and flashcards. Her Logo computer programming textbook is available through Terrapin Software. Contact her at for additional information.