Mamma and Daddy May Have Slipped

But You Don't Have Too!

by Wanda Hicks



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/0001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781449044947

About the Book

It’s   about a young lady that let the past of her trails and tribulations, of being rape and molested, ……seeing her mother get killed by the man she had married, than spends her hold life looking for her father, Not knowing that she had two fathers- let it get the best of her. While rising herself, she was developing a hatred of man…… Not knowingly that she was blocking her Blessing… being in the world- she struggling with her self, to see if she should keep going the path ,of living like Christ.



            She had things going just fine, as she had been an extra in the movies Homicide, The wirer, Liberty Heights and her video Wait Watchers that is on you Tube.


She was than introduce to this man whom she found out later was a PIMP!

Being curious, He suggested that, she open up an Escort service and she had decided to become Baltimore’s#1 Madam, while stepping out on the wild side.  She had taken his offer…. time when on, she had got caught up in the world, and did some things…Looking and hearing about the stories of these young girls- Husbands and wives that are catching these STD She had wanted out of being... Baltimore’s Madame- and wants to tell and educated young girls, and women about the consequence of being a Madam and socializing with PIMPS; more to the point how they operate. They are looking for weak young ladies…… Whom they can use… an abuse.

She had informed her PIMP.  That she was discontinuing the service. 


 “Mr. PIMP Daddy had told his/her, Chinese friend …before… he had passed away, that he was in” Hot pursued, of another Prostitute.” " Please take advantage of the many other services that I provide and save! @  www.WandasMobileSalon.Com





About the Author

In her new book Hicks Challenge you.  To ask your self "How well do we know the mystery that lies be neath the Soul and Mind?  Good and Bad things can happen when you are not aware of wisdom, and Knowledge. Having knowledge is not enough- if you don't have Wisdom to know how to apply it........And now how Wanda takes you back to your memory lane. As these two words do make a different........