The Goat Farm

by Dennis W. Glover



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/12/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 32
ISBN : 9781449015329

About the Book

This children's story is about a real goat farm located in Western Pennsylvania next to a stream called "Little Mill Creek". The characters names are given by the owners, Cliff and Jeanette Stump. Queen maggie, a goat is the leader of all the farm animals. They all produce milk and eggs to help sustain the farm income. But there is discontentment on the farm. Queen Maggie believes all the animals are overworked and have no leisure time for themselves. They are well fed and taken care of but they need some time off for themselves to play Guitar Hero, golf, baseball,or other interests. Queen Maggie has a conversation with Cliff about the animal needs. Cliff is not sure he can meet Queen maggie's demands or requests. He ambles back to the farm house to discuss the issues with Jeanette. Meanwhile, Queen Maggie goes missing. Looking on through the bushes are Sly Fox, Smelly Skunk, and Skinny Coyote. These villians are looking for their opportunity to steal a young turkey, chicken, or eggs.Queen maggie is found by Paige, the owner's grandaughter. They return to the barn and vote on their demands which they pass. There is trepedation in the barn. What will Cliff and Jeanette do? Will they sell the farm? A solution is agreed upon by Cliff and Queen maggie. Peace returns to the Goat Farm at Little Mill Creek. But for how long?

About the Author

Dennis W. Glover lives in Pittsburgh, Pa. Incorporated into "The Goat Farm are whimsical protagonists and antagonists. His illustrations are woven into the character personalities and connect with the text to produce a delightful, funny, imaginative, and educational experience. In this book, he includes a glossary and facts of real life characters or living things to educate his audience as well as entertain them. His unique style and forward thinking sets him apart from the majority of current children's books. Parents, teachers, librarians, and others can use his interesting approach as life learning tools and enjoyable reading. Enjoyable reading and education equals knowledge. He has two other stories in production, "The Cat in the Woods" and "The Talking Flower" He has also written professional health books, "Respiratory Therapy: The basics for Nursing and the Allied Health professions" and "The History of Respiratory Therapy: Discovery and Evolution" You can contact him at