Finding Balance

101 Concepts For Taking Better Care of Self

by Daniel Rosin, PhD



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 26/05/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 156
ISBN : 9781452045740

About the Book

“Finding Balance: 101 Concepts For Taking Better Care of Self” was written for people in the Helping Professions and for those persons who need permission to take better care of themselves. Most of the concepts, insights, and stories in the book are the result of the creative interaction between my clients and myself. Time in therapy has often been reduced by an on-target teaching concept, such as those that fill the pages of this book. These concepts help ‘cut to the chase’ inviting understanding and insight with a minimum of verbiage.
“Finding Balance: 101 Concepts For Taking Better Care of Self” includes 186 pages of stories, insights and concepts. This is a very personal book in that you will see yourself in many of my stories and concepts.
People purchase this book for the following reasons:
-To better understand the stressors in their lives, their driven behaviour, and how best to be ‘in charge’ of their lives,
-To discover more about themselves and in particular, why they don’t take better care of themselves,
-To alter their perspective so they can see ‘change’ as a positive thing instead of something to be avoided, and
-To achieve their objectives and become healthier, happier, and in balance.

About the Author

Daniel E. Rosin (Ph.D.) is a 41-year veteran of teaching, counselling, human resource consulting, research and training. He is skilled at facilitating groups, and creating learning climates, which maximize activity and enhance the development of team effectiveness. He is a popular speaker whose no nonsense approach has been greatly appreciated by numbers of persons in education, the service field and business. He has the ability to focus on the heart of interpersonal issues with warmth and humanness delivered in a matter of fact, down to earth style. Recently Dan has been involved in the development of major projects:

1.The writing of his second book "Communication and Relationships: 101 Concepts For Improving Your Relationships and Life".
2.The development of workshops for organizations and corporations in the areas of wellness, stress management, and communication.

Dan is in private practise (individual and couples) with an emphasis on "Getting more out of life". He enjoys music - choral, founded the "50's Project"- music of the fabulous fifties, and of as late "bluelight"- easy listening music with a tasteful jazz influence, golf, and his many dogs.