Glue Sniffing & Out of body Experiences

by William T Stead



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 05/06/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 268
ISBN : 9781438979878

About the Book

I have written a story about glue sniffing and out of body experiences that occurred during the early seventies. Back then I was a teenager who had a difficult upbringing, with many factors causing a chaotic life. Through all of this I learned the potentials of a stimulant, combined with mind control. It was my first use of any kind of drug, and unintentionally it took me on a journey of discovery.

There are two main abilities one has to overcome in order to experience OBEs. The first is telepathic speech construction, and application. The ability to communicate is immensely important and allows you to utilise the learning process. The second is manipulation of the visual environment. When this has been achieved I attained a separation of the soul from the body, to a state I call the third level. In this plane I had a guide called Gong; he is of alien origin and my mentor.

My time in the third phase lasted around one year in which I experienced technologies, far in advance of mankind. To summarise part of the outstanding events, I have seen thirteen UFO, s on three different occasions, not on drugs, witnessed scenes from my own future, in detail. I was permitted to see the left hand side of my soul. I have been in the same room as an alien. Events of this nature, although exceptional are not the main point of the story. I was asked to write of my experiences in the spirit plain. At the time my education was close to semi literacy, and through a combination of learning and patience feel it is the right time to fill an agreement.

About the Author

I am a fifty year old male who is with one very bright child. In my time I have fulfilled most ambitions, having lived a full and interesting life, not always legitimate. Qualifications two o levels in English that were gained at collage to make up for a misspent youth. As a person I am driven, obscure and purposeful. In my past education was unimportant, and I would be a teachers need for headache pills. Fast-forward a mistake, but not regretted. I do what I do for that moment in time, because that s is the way to lead your life. At present I am working in the holiday trade, having just taken redundancy from the beleaguered car industry. Future wishes, to work in conjunction with this story in one way or another, because there are many avenues to aim for.