Humans Being

Creating Your Life From the Inside Out

by Lou Ann Daly Ph.D.



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 09/07/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 160
ISBN : 9781438965963

About the Book

Like asking the eagle to lumber or bear to fly, you will never find your own graceful state of being by looking outward for direction. Grace appears when you step inward to your unique essence and walk your own path. Humans Being is a book dedicated to all who long to find their voice, pursue their passion, and live more fulfilling, creative, and healthier lives. It offers a simple framework in the form of the Universal Soul Grid for reconnecting with unique purpose and voice and for recognizing unconscious choices that block creativity, insight, and lives of ease. The exercises are designed tp provide practice fields for readers to engage at their own pace and to reinforce what it means to live in grace, listen to the heart, and lead a life of clarity and courage. The path to lives of ease and grace is available to all, and yet, not all of us have been engaging all aspects of this path. But its influence and prompting in your life become clear when you look squarely at who you are becoming, the results of your choices, and the relative ease or difficulty of your life. The simple truth in your heart, in whatever form you recognize it, serves your own unique journey. As long as you remember that point, faith and courage more easily follow. The desire to open your eyes and see where you invest your energy to hold yourself back, for whatever reason, becomes a curiosity, rather than a failure. And the possibility of greatness and living your dreams emerges much more clearly.

About the Author

Lou Ann Daly,Ph.D is a sociolinguist who approaches life with a sense of discovery and an insatiable love of learning and beauty. She delights in the arts, flourishes in helping people step into their potential and unique gifts, and is a natural teacher. She has held a variety of leadership positions in academic, business, and consulting environments. In addition to serving as a life and career coach to executives, Lou Ann has delivered keynote addresses and workshops to clients from countries around the world. With a designer's sensibilities and an artist's soul, Lou Ann co-founded O! LAD, Organization for Life Architecture and Deisgn, Inc., an organization dedicated to raising emotional health and consciousness in this world, by helping individuals and organizations to clarify their essential nature and purpose, and to design ways to live into their gifts and unique voice with joy and ease. She can most often be found laughing with clients, family, and friends along the rocks and beaches of Maine and Massachusetts.