Oblivion II




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/0001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 660
ISBN : 9781438950792

About the Book

             Taking place in present day, Jessica and Stake soon confronted with death one early morning realize their planet in space must be extremely vulnerable. Aliens having known about the planet before even the appearance of the dinosaurs, are out for blood. Unknowing what was happening, Stake and Jessica are abducted after a massive alien ship embeds itself into the planet for unknown reasons. After being returned, the planet had been decimated from orbit, the human race left to a transforming disease called Tycostiforious, mutations roamed. Again they're picked up for placement forever somewhere else they believe. It was the knowledge of their sun's nova soon immanent foretold they awaited a natural genocide. Believing they would never feel the warmth of their birth sun, their forced to accept it the Kriec'Tik like a disease rule the entire universe, and their only offspring, Alyson, had taken to outlandish deeds with her alien friends, and being a natural linguist, she quickly favored well, and she left them. Years pass as Jessica and Stake live lives amongst alien environments, and having luckily fled one of the oldest worlds, searching for Alyson they began to give up on until it was the Kriec’Tik themselves that brought the three back together amongst the process of a massive planetary acquisition they all nearly die in, but after the nova, the chance to take in the warmth of a new sun sets their sights to new hopes.

About the Author

           Born in 1965, Jeff Schmoke having recently suffered a motorcycle accident almost brought his novel to a traumatic ending. Being a local resident of Santa Clara, California, after having received his high school diploma, he served four years in the U.S. Navy and two deployments on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Understanding that dreams can become true, lost or forgotten of course is something that the author also tries to accept, and it is because of this is why the sense that is meant to be portrayed in OBLIVION II  is intended and kept for how continuity and the scientific unknown that “exists” in the most deepest areas of space holds the nightmares that this book will depict in one of the coming dimensional shifts in history still awaiting the correct moment to occur in will happen. "I totally love science fiction, but I hate it when there’s those out there that say that sci-fi is a kids thing. From when I was a child, I would “swear” that I had witnessed things that could be seen with the naked eye in space, like the night with my father. What was actually large and outside the earth’s orbit we saw, also I saw what looked like a reflection off of something but as you could see, this “had” to be somewhere outside the solar system. It’s to me a total irritation that in films it seems that there’s always some kind of funny or goofy attitude that tells viewers that they’re watching a movie, sometimes this is even conveyed in novels, and this is not how I wrote mine”.  Having taken 3 and a half years to write just the rough draft, with both attitude and artistic thought created a collage of alien matter.