The Many Faces on the Bus

A Fascinating Book of Short Stories

by Lawanda M. Flake



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/26/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 88
ISBN : 9781438947136

About the Book


The Many faces on the Bus

This book is about judgment and the many faces it holds. Let’s just call it the reality check. Have you ever looked at somebody and completely disected their life, I mean not only looking at them, but the way you look at them, you didn’t have to say a word. You are judging them for what they are wearing and just simply for what they look like. Have you caught somebody looking at you and wondered what they were thinking? Maybe it was not one of your best days and just like that, that one look made you feel unsure about yourself. See it really wasn’t you; it was that person judging you without even saying a word.

See, I’m the narrator in this book, riding  in the city with a group of people on the  bus. Each character has something about them that stands out. I sit back and tell their silent stories as if I could see what they are going through. Not all are tragic; in fact some are uplifting. The many struggles and pain is what people may misconceive. I think this book will begin the healing process in some, and the learning process in others. They will begin to see their own faults and go on from there. Some people are so unhappy with their life they self-consciously put the focus on others to avoid their own problems. Honey, you’re only setting your self up failure.

Part of this book is about some of my pains and struggles dealing with judgment.

About the Author


This first time author speaks on judgment and the personal effects of it, when it is use the wrong way. The Author talks about her own experience in this book of short stories and how she learned how to over come what people misjudged her to be. She connects her self to some of the charactors in these mind blowing stories. don't be afraid to identify your self as one of the charactors, it could began the healing process for you.


La Wanda M. Flake was born and raised in the city of Detroit. Forced to take care of herself at the tender age of fifteen where life didn’t seem to get much easier for the young mother.

She took everything that life threw at her and still mange to come out praising God. The Many Faces on the Bus is a product of her life and some of the things she’s endured over the years; not all stories are hers, but can you tell which ones are?