The Exchange: Him for You

A Short Guidebook of Preparation for the Life to Come

by Stacie Shukanes



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 19/11/2008

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 112
ISBN : 9781438928838
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 112
ISBN : 9781438928821

About the Book

What would I want to know if I missed the chance to know that there is a God out there--that He has always been there, but I was too stubborn, proud and caught-up in myself to believe that He could even exist?

I have many friends to whom that statement applies. God has led me in this book-writing endeavor to explain His message in a brief format that the everyday person can understand. I am not a Biblical scholar or a prophetic expert, but I did set out years ago to study the Scriptures for the proof I needed to strengthen my own faith. This is the culmination of that work, the truth about who God is and what He wants and expects from you and me.

This is a small book, but the message is as big as any you could ever hope to receive!

About the Author

Stacie Shukanes is an Interior Designer by education and profession. It has been a satisfying career, but it was never the fulfillment of her life. When her daughter was very young, she began a Bible study that started her on a journey to find out the purpose of her existence on this earth. She has seen that journey crescendo through the years, coloring her life with a richness of faith that comes only from an indepth study of the Bible. This book, The Exchange, Him for You, is a culmination of information, purposely put in a brief format, that Stacie has collected to convey God's message about the life to come to everyone in her circle of family and friends who could miss this opportunity. There are choices to make about this life that transcend to the next. There is an eternity and where you spend it is the foundational premise of the book.  

There have been many reasons to write this book, but the most important one for Stacie is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is easy to understand and not laden with complex theories and page upon page of tedious Scripture.

Stacie is also a Precept Upon Precept leader at First Baptist Church of Eugene, Oregon, and she participates in two other local studies of the Bible with her many Christian friends.