by Carl B. Wilson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/0001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 220
ISBN : 9781438935461

About the Book

Jena ran into the living room and she slid to a stop as the living room door was kicked in. Three solders, wearing wet camouflage suits and gas masks over their faces, came running in pointing their riffles at Jena. Jena quickly jumped to her feet and slid on the now wet floor as she started to run up the stairs.

One of the camouflaged men fired his riffle at Jena and nailed her in her left calf muscle with a tranquilizer dart. She ran into her room, As a woman in a camouflaged outfit came running in and grabbed the mans riffle as she jerked the riffle out of his hands and said, as she pulled off her gas mask, “Your orders are to pacify and contain! Now acquire the targets!” The other two men ran up the stairs.

Jena slammed her bedroom door closed and locked it, but as she turned around she started staggering. She staggered to the stairs of the widow’s walk, and she crawled  up the steps as her strength faded. She climbed up the steps and fell face first half way up the stairs.

About the Author

Writer Carl B. Wilson was born in 1975 in Anaheim, California and moved to Indiana  in when he was less than 2 years old,  his parents divorced when he was a little bit after his 8th birthday ,and lived with his mother and sister till he made the choice and moved in with his father the year he turned 16, soon he moved back in with his mother and sister. Growing older he turned his mind to Role playing games and joined the local gaming  group and soon turned his mind forward and started writing for his friends and gaming partners and they encouraged his to publish the story. With his friends cheering him and helping out he soon did with some of his friends beloved character would be released onto the publics eyes.