Red Twilight

A Dawning of Power

by Dustin Feyder with Joseph Feyder



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/23/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 176
ISBN : 9781438938417

About the Book

Welcome to Red Twilight, Here the line between good and evil becomes hazy, monsters can be beautiful and men can be demons, fallow along with Richard Blake into a blakend maze of nightmares: drawn from the minds of ten fellow travelers...

Begin with four groups of drifters as the mouth of hell seems to open up benaeth them, thay must become a team to survive a night like no other. each must unlock their inner might to become heroes. here in the first act in the "Red Twilight" saga "A Dawning of Power"

“All of you, look at yourselves, and look at the men and women with you. What do you see? Ten men lost and afraid? I don’t. I see destiny, not happenstance. Vampires, demons, aliens—it shouldn’t matter. We have a purpose, and we have power. Who are we? A witch, A warlock, and a cleric,” Jacob points at Trash, Pistol, and himself. “A white knight and a giant,” he points to El and Lacerti. “A marshal arts master, and two rogues,” he points out Spooky and the Gekks brothers. “There is but one monster down here, and it is no man, it is a philosophy—the philosophy of hate and greed and lust. It poisons our hearts and our minds with its filth, killing us from the inside out. But we are the divine, we are chosen, to consecrate this place, this idea, this evil.”

-Father Lances Jacob-

About the Author

I'm a gamer, I love games, be it : 'Magic the Gathering' 'AD&D' or the latest computer game on the market. so when I set out to write I wonted it to feel almost game like, fast and colorful with lots of heroic characters, some maybe even looking vileness at first glances.

Even up to date here at 25 years old I'm still playing game like in high school (I graduated from HHS in Hudson Wisconsin class of 2001) even then, may be before then I thought writing would be a dream job. So I've spent years writing short stories and then drawing sketches of my characters. But not till now have I felt that anyone would want to hear my story, out side my sisters and brothers.

I was a priest under the offices of the LDS church for three years. I studied philosophy for some time, learning the fundamentals of a multitude of religions before finely coming to the conclusion that what one believes isn't as meaningful as that one simply should believe. Every man is afforded the right to there own faith and in return should be aloud to keep it without the stresses of contrasting it with others.

Currently I am working with 'Red King/ Burger king corp.' lawfully employed for 5 years and I'm delighted.I have also been working for a company called Catapult Comics as a favor to a friend.