Calington Castle III: Living the Truth

by R.A. Feller



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 02/06/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 316
ISBN : 9781504912877

About the Book

There comes a time in each life when we look for something better than what we have. Come along on a high action, medieval-Indian adventure tale, which takes you on a quest to question what you have. Something has happened to the tribesmen who rode with Prince Liam. Upon their return the whole language of the tribe has changed. Now the Elders of the tribe who keep tradition stand in opposition of further advancements, even if it is for the good of the people. Living the truth is not just a onetime experience. It is a way of life that gradually exposes what is false around us. Now gradually discover what is real for a better quality of life. This book is purposed to disclose the value of living the truth and the strength it brings when we ban to live it together. Candles everywhere, Burning within each light. Yet it’s by their words That all add To ignite the world. Man can see to do what’s right. Not by chance freedom, but by witness concise. Where living the truth justice is within every heart. This book weaves a pattern within a war of purpose, which discovers the talents we’ve been given to fight. For when things are set right all people rejoice.

About the Author

Staying in the moment is a journey into sanity. Non-existence had my life being outside the motion of the movement of myself. Spending time wisely causes us to step out of spontaneity and live. Where against the grain of complacency, I find crucial steps out of the stagnation among the living dead. A choice word, truly centered in reality, brings all into light for better decision making in life. Stories come to me by way of vision and I am diligent to capture everything that causes growth. On a personal level, listening to others, I learn to weed out abusive spirits and experience a higher quality of life. Where valuing self-esteem brings stability for me and here I practice a relationship with a God I can understand. I’ve discovered standing against the tide may not be comfortable externally, but as the truth is learned inside stability, here is where life becomes quality. For increases in the flow of love can now be embraced by the freedom of truth. This book is purposed to disclose the value of living the truth and strengthen it. Author of many books, both writer and poet for over 30 years, you’ll be sure to get a mouth full of substance in this third book of the Calington Castle series.