The Magic Beyond the Pain

by Dalia



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 31/01/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 60
ISBN : 9781434348562

About the Book

So, who am I to give anyone a book of reflections? And what is that meaning that I know will touch your heart, as you read these poems? The feeling that I know we are all connected, and these poems will touch each one that reads them as life has touched me as I wrote them.


I am one soul named Dalia - a vibrant lady that lived a life of many phases and transitions, but realized that the magic of life is life itself and I, as many of you, simply let it pass- not savoring every morsel. As most of us normally gobble down food today,- lost is the idea that food is as much a pleasurable experience -to be savored, - not just nourishment. It also assures our understanding of what we indeed digest, and what it does. Not that there aren’t millions of you who can only dream of the day that gnawing feeling in their gut will disappear as the emptiness of hunger is all they feel. This child, the Dalia that grew up- felt that feeling and has spent the rest of her life promising never to feel that horrific feeling again; that, along with the cold and destitution that comes with poverty and a feeling of despair.


And as it is with so many of us that should appreciate our standard of living even more, I also pledged to be one of those people that will help others overcome their isolation and loneliness,- another sad result of either poverty, age, or circumstances,- and teach that wonderful spirit that only exists inside of us- and can only be nurtured from within- no one can ‘make’ us happy- and no amount of riches can change that- truly.


Thus, my poetry- a phased set of observations, from someone as all of us are,- reflecting on a life full of events, of challenges, of hurt, of deprivation- of discovery, of love, of magical moments, - as I finally understood that day to day- those moments are everywhere,, and ours to savor- simple ones- subtle ones, of Nature, of life, of the wonders of our children, of our family and friends, and that ‘discovery’ in ourselves – of our strength, of our giving, and our uniqueness,, - and that, dear reader,, is the gift I hope to impart.


Live life, learn to understand your internal soul,- and the magical moments that will help you give as much as receive.


That, to all my friends, family and readers- is why these poems are shared- as will others, with the book that will reflect along my path, not just a few observations.

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