Chaplin Goes To Tampa

A Story About A Curious Kitty Cat

by H. Oliver Southard



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 06/08/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 36
ISBN : 9781434319777

About the Book

   Before I married many years ago, I never dreamed that I would write  books, much less one about a cat. After all, I grew up with dogs, and loved every one of  them. I really did not know much about cats.  But that all changed when I met my wife, Jane Ann. Jane Ann, her sister Linda, and their brother Larry,  had been around house cats most all of their lives.  

     When Jane Ann and I were first married, Linda had a cat named Princess. As it turned out, Linda had to find a new  home for Princess  because her soon  to-be husband  had many allergies, including  to cats. Since Jane Ann loved Princess, she  asked me if I would agree to take Princess into our then new family.  Of course,  I was so in love with Jane Ann  that I agreed to the idea without hesitation.

     As it turned out, Princess  was not only a beautiful grey/blue lady Persian, but was the perfect cat.  She was loved by our entire family from the very beginning, and especially by our two children, John and Becky.  Princess brought our family  much joy for many years. We  were all so sad when Princess departed this earth for an even more  heavenly place.

     After Princess, and similar to the fictionalized story  you are about to read, along came our cat that we named Charlie Chaplin.  Now let me tell you, Chaplin is not the perfect cat like Princess  was. He is somewhat of a demanding and independent cat who gets into things he shouldn’t. We have all loved  him nevertheless from the very beginning, quirks and all. The good news is that as he has moved into his senior years, Chaplin  has slowly become  more  and more loving, albeit no less demanding. (He behaves like  he should have all the entitlements of royalty!)  Anyway, this male rogue of a cat has become widely known in the neighborhood. He wanders about in his black and white tuxedo kitty coat  and displays  his comedic Charlie Chaplin-like black  mustache against the white part  of his little face.  He has fooled everyone else into thinking that he is the perfect kitty, including the doctors and staff at  his Veterinarian’s office!

     Anyway, the underlying basis of the story is about when Becky moved to Tampa, Florida, and how Chaplin became involved in that move.  One thing for sure, it is true that a curious cat can sure get into trouble! 

About the Author

     Harold Southard was born in Clinton, Indiana, a city in west central Indiana, a short distance from Terre Haute.  This area, located in the beautiful Wabash Valley, is  geographically the crossroads of America, and has a long history of agriculture, coal and aggregate mining, railroading, manufacturing, power generation, and retail commerce.  The landscape is graced with dozens of covered bridges. The author is fortunate to have grown up in such a dynamic place with such a wide spectrum of some  twenty-seven nationalities.

     The author graduated from the well-known Indiana University School of Business, Bloomington campus (B.S.1960). He served as an officer in the United State Army.

     After active duty, he returned to the Terre Haute area where he worked in various family business  pursuits, which included the dump truck and ready-mix concrete businesses.  He is a commercial  instrument-rated aviation pilot.

     After the businesses sold out, his wife, Jane Ann, and their two children, John and Becky, moved to Ada, Ohio where he earned his Juris Doctorate (1980) from the Petit College of Law at  Ohio Northern, an old  Methodist University.  He served as a Public Defender in Lima, Ohio during his L-3 year. He remained at his law school for over a year as their Law Placement Director. 

     He and his family then moved to Tavares, Florida where he was an Assistant State Attorney for the Fifth Circuit for many years until retirement from that position (2000). He  has also served as a Trustee for several legal trusts.  Tavares is located in mid-central Florida in  beautiful Lake County. Lake County is  known for it’s beautiful lakes, rolling hills, and citrus groves.