The Wedding Gift

by Lance Bowley



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Language : English
Publication Date : 22/10/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 252
ISBN : 9781425993009

About the Book

True-love – The word is void of meaning to some, yet to others it is a reason for all.  Many do not understand, or choose easy ways out.  One must know what one is looking for in order to ever obtain it, and one must work on it actively if they are to ever perfect it.  My love for my wife did not come without longing and pain, and effort was and is, required along the way.  Yet rewarding beyond measure is true-love.  This book is a testimony to our love, it is literally my “Wedding Gift” to my wife.  It is comprised of almost every poem written by me for my wife, including 1/3 of the art that was especially done for her during our eight year courtship.

            Love conquers all and wipes away fear.

            Love is boundless and endless having only a beginning…

When the last drop of care causes the cup to over-flow.

            As my family would say: True-love is to put the other person’s needs, desires and happiness before your own; to even do an act that would cause yourself pain if it was in the benefit and best interest of the other.  To live an entire life and eternity thereafter, devoted, faithful and committed.

            Commitment is like a tree that takes root.  The longer it stands, the deeper the roots grow.  Love is the richest growing soil.  For better, for worse, we are in this together – Committed.

            In marriage – may there be such a oneness, that when one weeps…

                                                                                 the other tastes the salt.

            Covenant – Like God unto us, marriage is not a mere contract yet rather a binding and spiritually powerful covenant.  I hope this book’s contents touch you. 

Thank you and enjoy!                                                                                    

            Lance Bowley

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