Shanghai Passage

The Peregrination of Tod Morgan

by W.F. Edwards



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 28/03/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 196
ISBN : 9781425988722

About the Book

Tod Morgan, a nineteen-year old farm boy, came to San Francisco in search of his missing brother only to be shanghaied aboard a tramp steamer bound for China.

            His ordeals aboard the steamer at the hands of a sadistic second mate are harrowing, but pale in comparison to what awaits him when Chinese pirates board the ship in the East China Sea.  During the battle Tod is knocked overboard and stows away on the pirate’s junk, hoping to swim ashore when it docks.  However he is discovered and faces execution at the hands of the pirates, but is rescued by an unlikely and temporary ally.  By a strange quirk of fate he is reunited with his brother, albeit under extremely disheartening circumstances. 

            The rough-and-tumble adventure is played out against the backdrop of nineteenth century China with its pirates, warlords, bandits, and tongs.  Tod meets a Scottish archaeologist, Professor MacKay - his daughter, Rill - Lieutenant Chang of the Shanghai Police - a soft-spoken Chinese wanderer, Quang Key and his mute Mongolian giant companion, Hu Ling.  Along with these newfound friends, Tod becomes embroiled in a deadly intrigue concerning the hidden tomb of a Shang dynasty princess and her burial robe of pure jade. 

Tod and his newfound friends soon find themselves in a life or death struggle against the beautiful but sadistic bandit queen, Dongfang, known and feared throughout the northeastern provinces of China as Madame Fang, who also seeks to possess the fabled burial robe.

About the Author

            Walter F. Edwards is a prolific writer who feels equally at home in various genre.  His works include Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, and Rough-and-tumble Adventure, all marked by vivid imagery, fast paced story advancement, and hard-hitting action.  

            He is a former front-page columnist for a daily newspaper and frequent contributor of special interest articles to the local weekly.  He has published three books on the history of Fredericksburg, Texas, one of which was translated into German and published in the sister city of Montabauer, Germany. 

As a twenty-year veteran of U.S. Air Force Intelligence, he has traveled extensively in the United States as well as the Orient and Europe.  Some of his best yarns are laid in China and other Far Eastern countries. 

            He served in the U.S. Air Force from 1948 to 1968, and has lived in Fredericksburg, Texas since retirement.