The Time Warp

Paranormal Adventure

by Helen Ann Booth



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/4/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 356
ISBN : 9781425955762

About the Book

The book is a story of a paranormal adventure which starts in the 21st century and surrounds a very old Manor House. At a certain time of the year this Manor House becomes a very dangerous place to be for if anyone is trapped inside on that date they are automatically transported back 342 years into the past, the main charactors are Tom and Chrissie who fall foul of this and once they are back in time they meet up with the original owner of the Manor House, his name is Admiral Duncan Maudly with his accomplice Kate Morgan, they are well known in these times as Buccanneers and they take Tom and Chrissie on an adventure of a lifetime, they take part in sea battles with the Spanish war ships along with many other adventures while they are trapped back in time, they eventually see for themselves Port Royal which turns out not to be a very nice place to be. At this time in 1661 a pledge had been made between the Admiral and Lucifer the Devil which was to have disastrious consequences for them all due to Lucifer's deviouse way's.


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About the Author

The Author of the Time Warp was born in Nottingham on the night of the Dam Busters raid on the Ruir Dams over Germany on the 16th of May 1943, the author has had many interests throughout their lifetime, one of these interests is creating facinating stories of paranormal adventures which the Time Warp is one of them, this story is the first of a series of paranormal adventures about Admiral Duncan Maudly and Kate Morgan the illagitamate daughter of Sir Henry Morgan of Port Royal along with Tom and Chrissie and a multitude of other charactors. The author was educated at West Bridgford High School and is academally a very intellegent person, they enjoyed studying Art and History along with geography of the world, they have also gained many other talents throughout their working life, having always enjoyed hand on experience with whatever they were involved in, this gave them the ability to be able to create both the technical and unusual stories from out of the knowledge that they have gained throughout their lifetime.