For The Best of Humanity

by Danny Kuldip



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 19/03/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 180
ISBN : 9781425920579
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 180
ISBN : 9781665513647

About the Book

I am the MESSIAH the fulfillment of the biblical prophecy of the “Second Coming” of Lord Jesus; the holy savior but I prefer to be called the “noble assistant” But this message that I am delivering is not about peace and brotherly love. It is powerful strong; spiritually deep not censored; not censored means it’s coming with a brutal force (buff) Right in the face.

Also it is very different. It is saying that Atheist people are closer to God than most so-call religious people. I will explain this: If someone ask an Atheist person for help they will help them I tell you when it comes to help most of them would take the shirt off their back and give, in other terms they act like human beings where as religious people if you ask for help most of them would have 10 plus one excuses. Such as?

I would like to help you but the money I have is for the Church or I would like to help you but I am pressing for time; I have to go to pray I would be late for Church, I have to go to Church, I have to go to Church. Now tell me; who stands a better chance to enter the kingdom of God; the one who helps or the one who goes to pray?

In case you don’t know what the answer is; a wise person once said “The hands that helps are sweeter than the lips that pray". It is written in the bible. (Proverbs Ch: 21 verse 3) It is better to do what is right and just than to go and offer sacrifices to the Lord”. The bible is the word of God I “believe” him. People don’t know how to live with people now they want to live with God. Sad eh?

Basically this book is a world war on two fronts. One: It is against the good people it has the evidence that they are at fault it is saying that they are sleeping and this book is to wake them up but it is not doing it politely but aggressively in other terms “Rude Awakening” and so far the righteous people of the world don’t have the courage to accept it but the weapon that God has given me to fight them is called common sense (this book is based on common sense) and almost anyone on earth can tell you a good person is built on common sense so they cannot fight it. It all boils down to; a good person knows better and in life when a person knows better they have a moral obligation to do better.

And secondly: The ROOT of “all” problem is “at” the “Roman Catholic Church” The strongest point of this book is; it has the evidence that the reason why there isn’t peace and harmony on earth is because of the “Roman Catholic Church” (this book is against the Roman Catholic Church) but the weapon that God has GIVEN me to fight them the Church nor all the forces on Earth combine CANNOT defeat it and what weapon is that?

It is called the bible; I am coming with this bible this book is “another” BIBLE. The way I see it is; since this book is against the Roman Catholic Church and it is based on the bible the Church is trapped. (Like in chess “checkmate”) The bottom line is; it’s the Church versus the bible and any person with a bit of common sense can tell you that the Roman Catholic Church maybe strong but it is NO match for the BIBLE. Reason: The BIBLE is STRONGER than the Church!!! And that is something that a person can take to the GRAVE with them!!!

References: All these are very powerful people that have knowledge about this book.

One: A personal letter from the White House. Too bad it wasn’t official but God said that “anything” that comes from the White House with the “signature” of Mr. Barack Obama is good.

Two: A personal official letter from Mr. Denis Coderre the former Mayor of the great city of Montréal.

Three: An official letter from the office of the former Chief of Police in Montréal Monsieur Yvan Delorme. When someone gets an official letter from the office of the Chief of Police concerning a book; then the public have to realize that the subject is NOT Child's Play and that we are dealing with something VERY big. So it is of VERY importance to the public.

Four: A personal official letter from Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger the former Governor of California. Just one line from that letter: Dear Mr. Kuldip. Thank you for taking the time to send me a copy of For The Best of Humanity.

Five: An official letter from the office of the President of France. Monsieur Emmanuel Macron he is NOT a small boy and he CANNOT send an official letter just to say thank you UNLESS it is something that is of very importance.

Six: An official letter from the office of the Prime Minister of New Zealand Rt. Hon. Madam Jacinda Ardern the world knows that she is a VERY strong woman; so that makes HER a FORCE to be reckoned with.

Seven: A letter from the office of the Chancellor of Germany Madam Andrea Merkel she is also a force to be reckoned with.

Eight: An official letter from the office of Mr. Jean Charest the former Premier of the great Province of Québec (he is not a small boy)

Nine: An official letter from the office of Mr. Philippe Couillard the former Premier of the great Province of Quebec.

Ten: A personal official letter from Mr. Jerald Tremblay the former Mayor of the great city of Montréal.

Whenever a Head of State replies with an official letter it means that it is something of very importance to the public.

A parable from the book.

I hope that one day every human being will have this parable written in their heart. This parable is titled.

”Living without “courage” is like living without sunshine”

Just close your eyes and try to picture that the earth has been hit; hit by a terrible plague thousands of years ago and the people are dying by the seconds with no end in sight and finally the scientists came up with an antidote but it is very strong.

It’s like a very strong dose of medicine and when the doctors started to give this medicine to the people they started to choke and only the patients that have courage to swallow it might live and the ones without courage won’t be able to swallow it.

They can surely try but without courage they will end up choking and then they will cough it up and finally they will spit it out and then they will surely die.

The moral of the parable is; the earth represents itself the people represents the people of the world the scientists represents God the doctors represents me and the antidote (this strong dose of medicine) represents this book.

The bottom line is; courage is a very powerful force and it can help you to live a little longer for all those who show courage and try to digest it might live; for when there is life there is hope and they might live to see the light in this book at the end of the tunnel.

By the Grace of God. Danny Kuldip (Marché Danny)

One of the reasons I stress the importance of courage is because this book is a force and not any force it is a very powerful one; it pushes so no matter who you are or what you are it will push you and if you have courage you will push back because people with courage don’t like to be pushed and they don’t like to run away either. So this will develop into a challenge; for this book is a challenge and that is exactly what I want from them (trying to fight back) for a very brave person once said: A person without courage may die a thousand times but a person with courage only dies once. Too bad they don’t have a second life to give.

About the Author

Here is a little about myself; my name is Danny Kuldip (Dan) most people know me as Marché Danny. I was born on the 9th day of March 1957 and raised in Alness Village, Corentyne, Berbice, Guyana, South America. Seventh of the ten children of East Indian descend couple the late Jai Kuldip Jagat ( they call him Ranger Jai ) and the late Betlin Birbal. Grandson of the late Samaroo Jagat of Portuguese Quarter Port Mourant Guyana and the late Birbal Singh of Loharie Village Bulanshahar Uttar Pradesh India. Great Grandson of the late Mooturie (from somewhere in India) but she was living in Portuguese Quarter Port Mourant Guyana. I would like to point out that my late great Grandmother Mooturie was a Muslim.