Inside Poop

America's leading colon therapist defies conventional medical wisdom about your health and well-being

by Scott W. Webb



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Language : English
Publication Date : 21/11/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 212
ISBN : 9781425902117

About the Book

“This book kept me reading all night.  I couldn’t put it down!”  -- Brad DeMeulenaere


I had my first colonic at age 26.  I am now 56 and have seen a total of five colon hygienists, four within the past six years.  I’ve been through the forest of medical doctors and many different alternative health practitioners.

Much of the time, I have sensed a frustration from them.  Sometimes it’s a frustration that they can’t figure out how to help me and sometimes it feels like a cumulative frustration from all the others they haven’t been able to help.  But sometimes I feel that their frustration is directed to me personally, as if they wished I would just get myself together and “feel better.”  Lord knows, I haven’t always made the best choices for my health.

When I saw Scott Webb, I felt a lack of that frustration and no hint of blame.  It was evident to me that he saw the big picture and how we have been affected by our culture.  Scott’s message was truly one of hope which brought me a sense of relief and peace.  That is definitely a place where healing can begin, when you feel no blame, just peace and hope.  -- Victoria Lovett


One of America’s leading colonic therapists gives you the inside scoop on digestive disorders that you or a loved one might be experiencing.  Learn how to:


           cleanse your colon and your whole body,

           reduce your risk of common diseases,

           understand the deeper issues of weight loss,

           beat underlying causes of depression,

           improve your diet to overcome constipation,

           visualize yourself well and feel better every day!


Scott W. Webb dares to defy conventional wisdom about health and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he knows the “inside poop” about many secrets you have not heard yet -- until now!

About the Author

Scott W. Webb has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Wheaton College in Chicago.  He has been a licensed massage therapist since 1998 and for the past five years has built a thriving private practice as a colon hygienist.  He lives with his two teenagers in Nashville, Tennessee.