God's Name Brand

Clothing America and the World for His Kingdom

by Johnny Ray Franklin



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 15/01/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 76
ISBN : 9781425942748

About the Book


     Please buy a copy of this book that you may not be as those in the days of Noah. In Revelation 3:18, Jesus asked you to buy a wedding garment from him. Have you purchased it yet? How do you know? Have you receive the Holy Ghost? There is only one way of knowing you have the Holy Ghost according to scripture. Having the fruit of the Spirit does not mean you have the Holy Ghost, but a believer. How do you think Satan is able to transform himself into an angel of light? Your answers are found in "God's Name Brand."

     This book gives you scriptures in how to receive the Holy Ghost. Hyssop was used by the high priest in the Holy of Holies to sprinkle blood upon the mercy seat. Where is it in the New Testament Church and why is it so important?        

     Have you ever wondered or even asked God the question, what will I wear in the Kingdom of Heaven? Does the bible speak of heavenly garments? When and how will I receive this raiment? What is it made of? Is everyone required to receive this garment? Am I wearing it now while on the earth or will it be issued to me when I get to heaven? Why am I so important to God?

Is there a cure for AIDS and the HIV virus written in the Bible? Yes, the answer in written in this book.


The Lord has given Pastor Franklin insight on these very important questions. His answers taken from the word of God through the spirit of wisdom and revelation knowledge will enlighten your understanding.


It is strongly recommended that everyone read this book before you pass on or enter into eternal rest.


About the Author

     Johnny Ray Franklin Sr. was saved November 30th, 1980. He was called to ministry in 1981 and has preached the message of salvation for over 20 years. He is the founding pastor of White Raiment Church in Laurel, MD.

     Pastor Franklin is a dynamic preacher and teacher of the word of God. He has been used of God in demonstration of the Spirit in opening of blinded eyes, healings of the lame and in the prophetic ministry. He is a lover of prayer and Gods' word.

     Pastor Franklin believes that if Christ is in you there should be some evidence of His presence. He says, "spending time with God in prayer is the key to your friendship and relationship with God. If you want to see the power of God move in your life, give Him yourself without measure. It is Gods' pleasure to manifest himself in you, because it strengthens your faith in His existence."