"Shadows In The Sun"

by Jack A. Sariego



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 05/12/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 676
ISBN : 9781420886856
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 676
ISBN : 9781420886863

About the Book

Spain was in complete ruin during the years before the Spanish Civil War! There was massive unemployment and famine produced by one of the greatest droughts the country had ever known! The USSR had successfully installed Communist leaders into most of the branches of the government! Unable to resolve the problems, the Spanish King would go into exile to Portugal while leaving the country in the hands of the Communist leaders! Even the few wealthy Spaniards soon became poor as they were compelled to submit to an increasing taxation needed to pay for the roads and bridges, and provide employment to a limited few!

Three young people, born into poverty, will be compelled against their wishes to travel off into different directions in their struggle to survive! As a youngster, Soledad once promised a young playmate that they would never be separated! Unfortunately, fate has other plans! Soledad will become a feared guerilla fighter known as "La Muneca" and will become a terror in Franco''s post war government! Her young playmate, Miguel, will become a rising young military officer in Franco''s army and appointed a Mariscal for the city of Toledo! After years of separation they will meet again with the help of a hooded stranger known only as "El Raposo" who will mysteriously come to their aid!

Many years later, the young daughter of Soledad is to become a member of the Basque ETA movement and will be accused of murder! The son of Miguel''s best friend meets the young woman while at college and has little, if anything, in common with her! The young man will subsequently become a prominant attorney and the fate that once separated them will bring them all together after a series of strange conditions of unimaginable proportions! Andres, the young attorney, will spurn the Spanish aristocracy but not before being a confidante as well as one of the leading advisors to the King of Spain! With his help the King will establish a Constitutional Monarchy which has been in existance until this day!

None of the characters are aware of the commonality they share, but will eventually be brought together in a series of bizarre and strange conditions! From the Cordillera of the northern provinces to the citrus farms in the Southern area of the country, travel with those who have taken part in reconstructing Spain, making it what it is today; one of the best governments in the European continent!

About the Author

After working as a Senior Executive for a leading Bio-Technology company for over 30 years, his work has taken him to almost every country in the world when situations required his attention in times of stress, turmoil and catastrophies! Now that he is retired, he has taken to writing novels! Many of his stories are based upon situations that actually happened during the course of his travels!

Jack Sariego was born of Spanish parents who migrated to the United States many years before the Spanish Civil War! Most of the incidents in this book are based upon stories he was repeatedly told by his parents when he was a youngster in his teens! The historical elements of this novel are factual and have been well documented in the historical archives of Spain! This is his first novel of historical fiction! Many of the characters are real and most have contributed to the evolution of Spain after the devastating war that left Spain in shambles! Although the names have been changed for obvious reasons, they were never-the-less very real and lived their lives to the fullest! They loved, they hated; they won and lost, helped and were hindered in their strife to improve the country they had always loved and cherished!

The author is currently working on another novel titled. "Tarnished Sunset" that is being prepared for publication and is based upon problems he ran across while traveling to the Amazon jungle in Brazil and becoming exposed to the manufacturing of illegal drugs!! His interests are vast and varied! He is interested in the sciences, the law, classical music and politics! He is anxious to write more novels about incidents and problems that actually occured during his travels, especially when he was called to travel into the troubled areas of Lebanon, Iran, Israel during times of extreme stress and turmoil!

Jack is a decorated Air Force officer who fought during the Korean War! He has been credited more than 45 bombing missions over North Korea! Among his many decorations are the Bronze Star for Valor, two Air Medals, two Commendation Medals, and the Korean War Presidential Unit citation! During his military tenure, he was also an Air Intelligence Officer!

The author is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia and lives with his family in Philadelphia where he was born and raised!