Morgan's Journey A Coin's Tale

by Gregory Alan Hawk



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/11/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 168
ISBN : 9781420848205

About the Book

Have you ever looked at a coin and wondered where it has been through its travels? Who might have touched it, the things it may have witnessed with it''s silent eyes? What a story it could tell if only it could! Surely it is a great unanswered question.

Then imagine what it would have been like to circulate through a time when the west was still untamed and life was a bit simpler. A time when the marvelous dreams of men were young and in the process of becoming reality. It''s a human journey of inanimate proportions, filled with the challenge of discovery and invention. Fraught with hardship, pain, and suffering, even dangers unforeseen. The kinds of events that has made America and the world what it is today.

For Morgan the journey is real and without control of it''s own. It is at the mercy of the hand that possesses it or it possesses. It''s a learning experience not easily understood or excepted, yet always there.

The even greater question is what happens when life meets it''s inevitable end?

About the Author

If life is a test, then every singular detail of the human experience is a writer''s classroom. In the pursuit of this education I have endeavored relentlessly in my quest, I have labored in every occupation from dairy farming to working in a steel mill. I have learned the many facets of the people and business there in. I''ve served ten years in the Military as a cavalry soldier, wielding every powerful weapon in the arsenal. I have walked and seen the sights of many different lands. I have been to Rome and done as the Romans do. I have done things even 1 regard myself as unbelievable.

It''s been said that being a writer is a hunt where a man fits his brain against the forces of ignorance and evil, a life long lonely safari to seek the truth. As always the hunt goes on, and well worth every footstep.

I consider being an author a great honor. The ultimate of my accomplishments, second only to being a husband, and a father, to my wife Yvonne, and children Katrina and Dakota. Thank you for the love and support.

Gregory Alan Hawk, resides in the beehive state of Utah, and is currently in the process of completing his next novel titled Tweek.