Blissful Silence




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 25/04/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 344
ISBN : 9781420840148

About the Book

Joleen falls in love with Tom the moment she lays eyes on him as he drives into the driveway in a snazzy convertible, wearing his army uniform.  She makes up her mind that very day she is going to have him, regardless.  But, Tom’s family has other plans for him, and have already decided who he was going to marry. 


Joleen becomes pregnant and marries Tom’s older brother Perry.  She then spends the following twenty years of her life secretly being in love with Tom.  She does finally find her happiness with Tom, and becomes deliriously happy every moment of her life, just being near him. Then fate takes a disastrous turn and shatters her happiness and her world.

About the Author

This author lived most of this true story as this book is both a work of truth and fiction.  Some of the fiction portion he learned from Joleen, the main character.  Who this book is based upon, and dedicated to.


He surmised other portions of this story as to things that probably happened to some of the characters.  All of the characters being real people that unknowingly became a part of this book.  And the author changed their names to keep their true identity to themselves. 


He believes Joleen would have been pleased with his telling of her life story, so that her children can obtain some insight into her actual life.  Thereby finding much more joy in her memory.