Traveling on the Wings of Life’s Inner-Circle

by Betty Jean Booth



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 25/04/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781420841985

About the Book

I have written this book in the hope of bringing to it’s readers a peace of mind in a world of uncertainties while attempting to encourage, to reassure and comfort the Inner-spirit within. In today’s world we are faced with so many different choices and decisions; some are good some not so good and some may even be or have been life threatening; yet sometimes choices can be very overwhelming putting us at a real loss (not all but most of us think.) Yet as life goes on we find out that it really was not a loss at all, but a real blessing because it made us do something different for our own selves. Life as everything else has rules and sometimes rules change as life changes. Unavoidably we have to change with it, (this is how unique we are made.) We adjust to the changes as we learn to accept life’s great order of things. Don’t get me wrong though, some of these changes are very uncomfortable and sometimes very scary. When we learn to walk through our fears and differences through faith then our lives become richer because of it. We have all ready been given the power to succeed, we are born with it but we have to first learn that it exist and then learn how to call upon it, to cultivate this gift we have been given inside from our creator. What we have to learn now is how to acquire the skills needed in order to tap into it; We possess a portion of faith within us given freely from a higher source much higher than ourselves.Life is all about change. Change is the very institution, act or grounds on which life’s foundation exist. We invite you all to come in and look with us to see what we will find there for you or for someone you might know, or that it may remind you of. You may even want to give someone you know a gift of this book of poetry. However thank you for the journey you have taken with me in this book and it is my hope that it will enrich your life for many years to come as it has mine in writing it.

About the Author

B. J. was born and raised in the County of St. Louis Missouri, one of nine children.

She attended school in Webster Groves School District and later attended United Business College also in St. Louis County Mo. majoring in Word Processing and Business. She is married to a wonderful husband named Robert and together they have raised five wonderful children and one stepchild (five hers and one his.) She is also a grandmother and great-grandmother of whom she is so proud.

She is now pursuing a career as Poet and Writer. She has shared her poetry in numerous Anthologies for many Poetry Organizations and received numerous awards and honors for her works as well as her biography in several Biographical Books and on Musical Recordings.

1. Marquis Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Women, and Who’s Who in the World etc.; Biography in Who’s Who in Poetry for

2. The International Library Of Poetry in Owings Mills Maryland numerous Anthologies,

Cassettes, CD’s and Electronic Books and her Biography in Who’s Who In Poetry

3. The National Registry of Professional and Business Persons in Indiana; Her biography is in

4. The International Biographical Center in Cambridge, England (The IBC) in several of their biography Books

B.J. is now going out on her own, to write and publish her very own Poetry Book after being asked so many times by many people why not write her own poetry book so she could share it with a wider audience; so that was one of the motivations for writing this book as well as the desire to share, to convince to motivate and to add another view to life’s great challenges.

She is a member in good standing of The International Library of Poetry, and Poetry. Com in Owings Mill, Maryland recognized all over the world for their contributions to Poets everywhere

She has shared her poetry in numerous Anthologies, Musical recording cassettes, and / CD’s and Electronic Books; She is on The World Wide Web located at Poetry.Com in The Archives under Betty Jean Booth.

She was also elected to The International Poetry Hall of Fame Museum under Betty Booth Poetry Exhibit and some of her Poems are located in The Poetry Archives at Poetry.Com.

She has received many of their Awards, A Silver Trophy Award, Bronze Metal, Poetry Certificates and honored at their conventions with poems read by professional readers etc.