The Young Ones

by John H. Booth



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/10/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 308
ISBN : 9781420826647

About the Book

The Village was a very active little town during its heyday.  While the dearest and best marched off to glory and fame in the Spanish-American War, the sleepy little Village contends with its daily routine of gossip and controversial activities. Some of these activities included: Bridge Rutter’s unauthorized hangings, a race involving a horseless carriage and a horse, and prize fighting between a champion and all comers! More activities included: a legendary football team that included the famous Jim Thorpe, a stubborn mule named Rascal and an equally stubborn owner named Windy.  There was a controversial potion sold at the drugstore to juveniles, two boys forever in trouble with their parents, a swimming-hole scandal involving a gang of boys swimming in the buff, the funeral for man’s best friend at the local barbershop, a monument to the Governor’s prize full, and a Village idiot.  Also taking places were a zealous Sheriff hanging horse thieves at Willow Slough to save court costs, a woman drug out of jail and hung without trial or ceremony, a man hung by vigilantes, and a mule wreaks vengeance on an obnoxious kid with a sharp tongue and too much time on his hands.  Then there were the Village women who had their day of fame at a suffrage rally with Carrie Catt and Maud Park. The local heroes of the War came home as enemies.

About the Author

The author’s Huckleberry childhood led him to many adventures with the diverse personalities of the Village.  It is an amazing revelation, in retrospect, when he revaluates later in life, the richness of the small town’s personalities and character.  Listening to stories by the people of the Village while sitting on a porch or a stoop on Main Street during a warm summer evening provides a lot of the grist for grinding out this tale that has been a joy to write.  He loves the people of the Village and loves to write stories about them.  Although fate led him away from the Village, it was fond memories that led him back to the spirit of the Village.