What Your History Books Failed To Tell You

by Azeem Hopkins-Bey



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 18/01/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 68
ISBN : 9781420810431

About the Book

The book “What your history books failed to tell you” delivers a powerful analysis of the so-called “black” person’s identity crisis.  It discusses the history of the slave marks that were placed upon the so-called “black” people in the year of 1774. It explains the importance of nationality and it’s relevance to the so-called “black” people of America. This book goes in depth of why the so-called “black” person’s true nationality is Moorish American. In addition to, destroying many myths pertaining to the religion of Islam, the author also gives a brief history of some sects of Islam. He also provides information on Noble Drew Ali.     By Sis. ELISA HERDER-BEY

About the Author

Azeem Hopkins-Bey was born on January 13, 1980 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Azeem was 7th of 8 children, raised in a loving Moorish American household. Azeem attended Samuel S. Fels high school and later went on to study at Community College of Philadelphia.  He majored in business and political science. He then entered the Adept Chamber of The Moorish Science Temple of America, at the age of 17; where he was granted the title Sheik. He received his Divine Minister papers at the age of 19 and is currently 24 years of age, and the Chairman of Moorish Science Temple #11. He is also a board of director of The Moorish-American Society of Philadelphia Inc.& a member of the Moorish-American unification Council. He also is a member of Men United For A Better Philadelphia. While being a faithful member to his Temple, he also delivered multiple speeches in various locations.  He gave one speech at the Community College of Philadelphia and another speech at the Sedgwick Theater, Masjid Muhammed, etc.  All speeches pertaining to the teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Azeem has received many awards from Temple #11 for his outstanding services and industrial acts in the area of uplifting of fallen humanity. In addition, Richard Allen Committee Inc. has also presented Azeem with a plaque as an appreciation for his assistance in feeding the community each year.