Stimulus N FlashBacks

30 Years Searching for Balance

by Larry E. Park



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/15/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 144
ISBN : 9781418476076

About the Book

Troubled by FlashBacks to a Vietnam hospital stimulated by observing abuse of the elderly three winters ago, I scribbled down notes describing the relationships between present health care practices and the past. Stimulus N FlashBacks was born in the heat of the moment and as the memories poured out of my brain flooding my eyeballs, they shot out the ends of my fingers onto the keyboard.


“Thirty years searching for balance,” the subtitle conveys the central theme of this literary quest.  Core human issues explored against the backdrop of Nam: death & dignity, abuse and atrocities, drug abuse, emotional pain, meaning of life, pursuit of happiness, meeting fellow travelers at the tree and tasting the twelve different flavors.


Families around the globe feel a great sense of loss when members of their cherished group are maimed, killed or psychologically damaged by conflicts at home or abroad.


Friend or foe, humans of every race, color, gender, age or lifestyle persuasion are precious cogs in the gears that make the machinery of existence turn daily life into something meaningful and joyful. 


Laughter and beauty are the universal languages transcending the tangled semantics of cross-cultural interchange, inspiring and lifting us above the quagmire of envy and hate. 


Wartime squeezes the joy out of Mother’s Day, birth of babies, Christmas and the first wisp of spring when separation and the threat of everlasting loss paralyses us with a sense of impending doom.


There are no spectators in the race of life encircling the globe.  Each of us plays a part big or small by choice or passive complacency in deciding what the concept of freedom blended with responsibility to God and country really means down deep in our hearts. 


A quiet moment is given in reflection to the memory of loved ones lost to aging, accidents, homicide, suicide and conflicts home and abroad.  All of these precious creations were born, diapered, cleaned, fed and loved as children and adults by someone somewhere.  They weren’t good or evil, crazy or sane they were just family.  Part and parcel of the larger human race.

About the Author

Larry E. Park born in Columbus, Ohio was lured to California in the mid-sixties by the lyrics of “The Beach Boys,” surfed, tried college, ski bummed in Aspen, went to Vietnam with a Royal typewriter and survived. Married his Saigon sweetheart from Maryland, got Registered as a Nurse and now lives in a log house nestled in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.  His saga from present to past and into the future pours forth from a heart weary of war and the suffering of the elderly.


An artist afraid of starving became a nurse and now is living the dream embodied by the typewriter in a Vietnam bound duffle bag, cathartically writing about the events of the past. 


It’s not over!  It’s done, but not over. The envy and conflict originated across the galaxy seems scripted by Hollywood writers as it has followed mankind down through the eons of recorded history.


Freedom of thought and purpose are innate pre-requisites to unleash the unbridled creative positive energies of the fragile human spirit.  Coupled with that quest for freedom comes the

responsibility to ourselves and our neighbors to be helpful and nice. 


The international war on terror reaches far beyond our backyard fences and borders into the unknown reaches of the far distant cosmos.  Planetary conflicts personal or global can only be resolved when individual hearts are tuned to the beautiful music of caring about others in the manner we would want to be cared for.


We often feel alone and helpless in the quicksand of consuming injustices witnessed around the globe and are paralyzed by the benumbing reports of bizarre human behavior that hurts others. 


Rational understanding of this human quagmire can only be found by pulling back and examining the issues from inside the mind of a Creator God.   Freedom of thought and action versus fear and oppression of all creative energies is the foundation of the original war of the universe, He is the only One able to end the conflict, transform us into young everlasting creatures and restore earth to its original pristine garden paradise of Eden.


Casting your vote and being loyal to the only political party of the Universe which is destined to win the race will guarantee a make over house in paradise with a baby giraffe or lion in the front yard cuddling a lamb for all the voters.   Forget the chicken and throw out the old pot.  A new heart pumps life!