Unleashing the Well Balanced Diva in YOU!

The Diva in YOU Training MAnual-Looking Good & Feeling Good

by Bevoli Knox, Ph.D.



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 20/01/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 180
ISBN : 9781418494582

About the Book

Unleashing the Well Balanced Diva in YOU! Your fairy god-Diva Bev Knox, has arrived… --to teach you the essentials in becoming the Ultimate Diva… In becoming the YOU, you always wanted to BE! Though it is said, that it is much better to be beautiful on the inside than on the outside… Bev Knox says, WRONG!… Why choose?… It is by far, more advantageous to be both. Beautiful on the Inside and on the Outside. Why allow your viewers to be visually scared by your shabby appearance? Why allow yourself to be emotionally tormented by self-doubt or limitation? Dr. Knox promotes self enhancement through, “Balance of Self,” that consists of the following: Family, Personal Relationships, Education, Spiritual Awareness, Financial, Health, & Social Obligations. This book is filled with humor, encouragement, and solutions in handling real-life drama that women face everyday. Once you pick up this book, it will be hard to put it down! Bev Knox is a psychologist, television talk show host, businesswoman, motivational speaker consultant and author. She travels around the world, teaching women to transform their lives into a more healthy and attractive one. Bev is a comedian at heart and views each day as a delight.

About the Author

The idea for this book came to me quite some time ago, however, the moons were not lined up for it until now, yes, the moons.  In other words, the season.

Growing up, I always felt different.  I always felt like I did not fit in with the group dynamic that I was in.  I knew that I was my own person, an individual, a unique creature like no other, but was confused in how to express myself. 

I attempted to blend into the “normal” definition of society’s norms and practices to “fit in.”  I was a good little girl (ask my mother); never did/used drugs, sex, or rock & roll.  I got married at the tender young age of 19 (against my mother’s wishes), had my baby-girl at 22, and divorced at 29.  I glided through college in an attempt to find myself and refine my senses, all the while suppressing my “true self”.  I realize now that I didn’t start my journey of unleashing my Diva-self until after my divorce.  The divorce was purely his “fault” – yes I am pointing the finger, because it is the truth.  Maybe I will tell you all about it in my next book.  I thank God daily for giving me the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.  Divorce gave me the “O.K.” to begin my journey of discovering my “true self”, along with the expression of my ideas and creativity in becoming the well-balanced Diva that I am today.  

So many women enter relationships in hopes that that relationship (sometimes the man, but not always) will “complete them”.  Only to find out that the relationship or the man, is nothing more than a hindrance to them.  Many women allow themselves to be suffocated in dead-end relationships for the sake of “coupling”.

The intent of this book is to encourage women to find and balance their Diva-Selves before they enter into a love relationship; present the theory of the looking good and feeling good concept; and to help you --Become the YOU, you always wanted to be.  Together we will create Your New Look and Your New Attitude.     

You will find that what both Lisa and myself have to say will not only touch you in the most intimate ways, but your sense of motivation for self-betterment will increase dramatically.  You will transform that dull image and “blaaa” personality into a diva-licious new you, --Inside and Out!

Are you ready???  Think of me as your fairy god-Diva, and lets begin this journey, together…


--Bev Knox